Khloé Kardashian has requested that her ex-brother-in-law, Kanye West, keep the private matters concerning his children with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, off of social media. Khloé’s request was made in a courteous but firm manner. Kanye West made headlines early in the week with his presentation at Paris Fashion Week. During his show, he sent a model down the catwalk wearing a shirt that said “White Lives Matter,” and the model was met with widespread criticism. After the concert, both he and the conservative celebrity Candace Owens donned the shirt for a picture opportunity together to round off the evening.

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, an editor at Vogue, provided a reflective reaction to his presentation, in which she eventually criticized the implementation of his ideas. In retaliation, Kanye harassed her on several social media platforms. Kanye West replied to the reaction with a statement that he uploaded on his Instagram account. In the note, he brings up a totally unrelated private family matter involving his children. Gigi Hadid protected Karefa-Johnson from Kanye West’s abuse, and Kanye West harassed Karefa-Johnson.

The entry is as follows:

Khloé Kardashian responded to Kanye West’s assertions that he was blocked from seeing his children by Kim Kardashian in a lengthy but merited statement that she made in response to the article. The following is the whole of Khloé’s remark, which can be seen on Kanye’s Instagram post:

“Ye, I adore you. But YOU keep bringing it up here, and I really don’t want to discuss this on social media. You are the father of my nieces and nephews, and although I am trying to be courteous, I must ask you to PLEASE STOP pulling Kimberly down and exploiting our family whenever you want to divert attention away from yourself. The story of the birthday comes up once again. It’s been long enough. My belief is that everyone is sick of hearing about the truth since we are all aware of it. You are always aware of the whereabouts of your children and you choose to celebrate their birthdays on different days. I have read all of the relevant books to substantiate my claim. And when you reconsidered your decision and decided that you wanted to go, you showed up. As you have already said, most of the time, she is the one who is responsible for taking care of your children. Please keep her and her family out of it so that the children may have a quiet environment in which to grow up. I am coming from a position of love, and if you would want, we can continue our discussion in private if that is what you prefer.

Kanye responded to Khloé’s message shortly after it was published on Instagram by publishing yet another entry on his grid (a screenshot of the comment). According to the caption, which is written in all capital letters and starts, “YOU ARE LYING AND ARE LIARS YALL BASICALLY KIDNAPPED CHICAGO ON HER BIRTHDAY SO SHE COULD REMEMBER HER FATHER NOT BEING THERE,” it is obvious that Kanye is not following Khlo’s advice. Please refer to the entry below:

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