A group of genetic disorders known as albinism result in little to no melanin synthesis.

All forms of albinism cause issues with the growth and operation of the eyes since melanin determines the color of the skin, hair, and eyes.

Two sisters from Kazakhstan, Asel (14 years old) and Kamila (only 2 years old), are siblings.

Since they were little children, people have made fun of them and treated them in different ways since they were born with a disorder known as “albinism.” Aimen Sarkitova, her mother, was equally shocked.

They have a dark-skinned, eight-year-old brother who is just like them in every way.

The younger brother is more curious than the others about what makes the older sister so special, and subsequently it was found that some of their ancestors were albino gene carriers. Despite being born an albino, Asel does not distinguish from other children in any way.

Asel once received the request from an advertiser to take photos for an advertisement; this was the turning point in her successful life. Alongside Asel’s career as a successful model already established, she often works with her younger sister on photo sessions.

Throughout her career as a model, Asel changed into a generous and confident person, and she bravely stood for the camera to show a new side of herself. She now has over 70,000 Instagram followers, and more people are becoming interested in the “pure white” sisters.

By Elen

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