Even if your feelings for them have changed, it is important to continue showing respect for the individuals who formerly had that place in your heart. These are the phrases that serve as a motto for a married pair in the United States. After getting a divorce, Adam Dyson and Victoria Baldwin’s treasured kid is the one thing that can ever bring them back together as a couple. Every year, Adam and Vicki come together for the purpose of having fun for the sake of their kid, who is now two years old. how it was back in the good old days.

Adam and I are not even close friends anymore, much less romantically involved. In spite of this, we have decided to come together in order to please our kid. Victoria explains that it is necessary for him to have an understanding of what a genuine and loving family is and how much each member of such a family loves it.

It is important to underline the fact that Adam spends a lot of time with his kid, both on the weekends and during holidays. However, the child should be the primary focus of attention for both parents so that it can be seen how well they get along with one another and how much respect they show for one another.

When the top two images were shot, Adam and Victoria had just just tied the knot. Even though the photographs at the bottom were shot after the divorce, it seemed like the young family was still having a good time together. Both of us are equally cherished in our son’s eyes. Adds Victoria, “We don’t attempt to persuade him to our side by asking stupid questions like, “Who do you love more, mom or dad?” or by trying to convert him to our side.”

In front of our kid, we never have an argument or try to resolve a conflict. We do, on occasion, find ourselves at odds with one another, but we do our best to keep the kids out of it when we can. Above all things, we put the requirements of our newborn child first.

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