The world’s most unlikely situations have recently become more bizarre. We talk about beauty pageants where an increasing number of courageous competitors have appeared to highlight that beauty is a relative term.

The attention was put on 18-year-old “Miss Italy” contender Chiara Bordi.

She made history by becoming the first person to compete in a beauty contest for people with impairments. Girl has just one leg.

The young woman lost a piece of her left leg after she fell off her bicycle at the age of 13 while riding under a vehicle. Chiara’s recuperation has proven to be quite difficult, especially mentally.

After settling into her new identity, the girl joined the competition more to show that life is beautiful no matter what than to win.

Chiara herself was taken aback by her ability to go to the final. Chiara Bordi finished third according to the jury’s decision.

– I competed briefly in a beauty contest and came in third. I had a wonderful encounter after a few days of work that provided me an unfathomable feeling of pleasure, and I’m extremely thrilled about it.

The scathing criticism the girl received is the strangest part of this story.

Some people thought the young person got so far because the jurors felt sorry for her because of her impairments.

Chiara said, “You have no heart or brains, just as I have no legs,” in response to similar comments.

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