The talent that Darci Lynne has is bottomless, and she will never let it go to waste. The precocious singer and ventriloquist took home the title of “America’s Got Talent” champion despite being the youngest contestant to ever compete on the show.

On the other hand, that is not the only place you could have possibly seen the imaginative child.

According to her website, she has also been on “America’s Got Talent: Champions,” “Little Big Shots” on NBC, “Kids Baking Championship” on Food Network, Nickelodeon’s “All That,” “Ellen,” “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on NBC, and “The Today Show.”

In a nutshell, she is a very active young lady.

Before she embarked on her nationwide sold-out tour in 2018 or her 2020 “Fresh Out of the Box” National Tour, which was (like so many other things) halted by the COVID-19 epidemic, she was already racking up millions of views on YouTube.

The young lady is shown in the video with her most amusing puppet companion, Edna Doorknocker, which was recorded in September 2016.

Let’s just say that Edna has a reputation for being quite a flirt.

Edna is a vivacious and seasoned flirt.
The first thing the puppet does is look around the crowd for an attractive guy, but it only finds a “older” boy.

The fact is that Edna feels somewhat self-conscious about her age. A significant portion of the sketch focuses on the “old woman’s” ability to see well, as well as her inability to do so. Taking on such a character as a pre-teen is quite the undertaking!

Following a performance of the song “You Can’t Touch This,” which makes reference to Edna’s cane, she extends an invitation to one particular member of the audience to touch her cane at any moment.

Since the performance, the video has been seen more than 8 million times, so you can believe us when we suggest that you should spend some time watching it.

Both Edna and Darci Lynne have a theatrical presence that belies their ages, and Edna is an excellent comedienne.

Over 33 million people have seen a video compilation of her appearances on “America’s Got Talent” which was released in 2017.

It all began with her performance at the audition.

The fact that she is a ventriloquist quickly endears her to the panel of judges, and her delightful performance manages to put a smile on everyone’s face, even Simon Cowell, who is known for his permanently gloomy disposition.

She has a natural talent for making people laugh.

She even managed to win over the people who left comments on the video.

“She is the finest ventriloquist I’ve ever seen. “Both her voice and her songs are very clear,” said one observer.

After Darci Lynne charmed the pants off of Simon Cowell in her second performance – and she invited Edna along for the occasion – it seemed as if she might have a good chance of winning the competition.

Watch the videos down below to see Darci Lynne in all of her magnificence!

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