“I raced to the scene,” Büyümez is quoted as saying. “A landslide had happened.” It came to my attention that a dog was buried alive. The only part of her body that was above the ground was her head.

There was a problem with the dog. But as Büyümez would soon learn, she had not just been concerned about her own life in those moments of anxiety.

When I initially met her, it was a really unpleasant experience for me, said Büyümez.

He was aware that he needed to make a move in the situation. After a hasty search, Büyümez immediately located a shovel and started digging.

As Büyümez removed the dirt that around the dog, one further sound was heard. The sound was quite faint yet distinctive all the same.

In his observation, Büyümez said, “I heard the cry of pups. “They were under the surface.”

After the roof of their subterranean tunnel gave way, causing them to become buried alive, a total of seven pups were rescued by Büyümez, much to the relief of their nervous mother.

After the first dog was successfully removed from the area, Büyümez resumed her digging so that she could protect her puppies.

The family of fuzzy creatures had been saved thanks to Büyümez’s quick thinking, and they were now in a safe place.

According to Büyümez, the mother dog was an abandoned animal that was struggling to survive on her own despite the hazardous environment. However, she and her children will no longer be on their own in the future.

According to Büyümez, the mother and her pups are not in danger, but the severity of their overall condition is exceedingly high. She promised that she would care for them as if they were her very own children.

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