According to what was said, a guy was walking by a field when he spotted some significant movement in the hanging soccer net.

Soon after, he became aware that something was trapped in the net and unable to free itself despite being severely entangled in it from all sides. The first thing that came to his mind was that it was a dog, but when he got closer to investigate, he saw that the creature that seemed to be in pain was really a little fox cub!

After seeing the fox cub’s precarious condition, the guy contacted the knowledgeable staff at the Wildlife Aid Foundation, a non-profit organization that operates as a rehabilitation facility. When the people who came to his rescue arrived, the little animal was hardly breathing since he had been suffocated by the razor threads that were wrapped around his neck. The poor creature didn’t have much longer to live.

The people who came to the fox cub’s aid kept their composure as they grasped it in their hands and started untying the numerous knots one at a time. The first time he was handled by people, the infant exhibited fearful behavior. However, he quickly realized that they had genuine intentions, and he relaxed his body as a result. In the end, the people who came to the adorable creature’s aid were successful in extracting it from its dreadful condition.

Even though the fox cub was saved, it was too late for him since he had used all of his energy throughout the struggle. He lay immobile on the grass for a few minutes as the people who came to his aid rubbed his limbs in an effort to straighten his circulation, which had been disrupted. After some time had passed, the young fox’s problems were resolved, and he ran off joyfully in the direction of his family. The sanctuary noted that it would have been quite simple to circumvent this issue if the soccer net had been rolled up and stored away after each usage.

By Elen

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