Puppies are naturally inquisitive animals, and their innate need to investigate their surroundings and investigate anything that catches their attention may often lead them into trouble.

A rescue mission that included many people was successful in freeing a little dog that had been entombed under a spare tire. Officer Jose Cisneros of the Riverside County Animal Services responded to a phone call from a caller in Coachella, California, who inquired about an Australian cattle canine that was just three months old.

Officials from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services initially tried to oil the puppy’s head in an effort to slide it out of the hole. However, due to swelling in the region around the dog’s neck, the slick strategy was unsuccessful. They shared their rescue operation with their followers on Twitter.

The department described the “popular approach” of using cooking oil to assist lubricate an animal that is caught in a challenging circumstance in a news statement that was sent to the media.

After that strategy was unsuccessful, the group decided to sedate the dog in order to keep the animal quiet while they called for more assistance from the Riverside County Fire Department.

The rim was broken using power tools, and the animal’s head was freed after the firemen moved the dog and its wheel to a safe location. After that, the puppy, whom the people who rescued it called “Wheelie Puppy,” started eating its dinner straight immediately. “Rescued! On their Twitter account, the Department of Animal Services shared a video of the moment the dog was freed from the car component, along with the remark “Thanks to our friends.”

On Thursday, the team from the Department of Animal Services reported that they had discovered Wheelie Pup’s owners. This information was sent to a worried fan who was following the play-by-play of the animal rescue.

The department stated that the owners had contacted them to let them know what had transpired and that the reunion with the dog should take place on Thursday morning or sometime during the middle of the day.

The Department of Animal Services, which provides many services for pets, including adoption, education, and licensing, characterized the exciting day of animal rescue as “strange, terrifying, and thrilling” on their Facebook page. These services include adoption, education, and licensing.

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