Soap Central reports that John J. York has been playing the role of Malcolm “Mac” Scorpio on “General Hospital” since the show’s premiere in 1991. Mac Scorpio arrived at Port Charles with a checkered background. He was the brother of Robert Scorpio, a famous spy who was a previous police commissioner in Port Charles. Mac fell in love with the affluent Dominque Taub throughout the course of time. At one point, Dominque’s cruel and nefarious husband, Leopold Taub, had her committed to Shadybrook Sanitarium. Mac fell in love with Dominque at this period (Chip Lucia). Dominique and Mac were finally able to start a relationship when the bad guy was taken out of the picture, but it was short-lived. After a number of years had passed, Mac finally tied the knot with Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner).

Recently, a guy by the name of Cody Bell, played by Josh Kelly, participated in a PR stunt for a dating service by parachuting into Port Charles. The stunt was a genuine landing. He had a strange history, similar to that of Mac, but ultimately decided to make his home in Port Charles. When Mac found out that Dominique was Cody’s mother and that she had been raised by her caregivers, the Bell family, he started to have suspicions that Cody may be his son, despite the fact that Dominique had never given birth to a child while he was in a relationship with her (via Soaps She Knows).

Because Mac has not yet shared his notion with Cody, a whole new mystery has surfaced in Port Charles.

Recent episodes of “General Hospital” included the character Mac Scorpio, who was concerned that his wife Felicia could be pregnant (per Celeb Dirty Laundry). In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, John J. York expressed his opinion that the story was “…probably just to give Mac and Felicia a little bit more to talk about than just the grandkids or, ‘There’s a crime, I’m on my way.'” [C]onsiderably, the story was just to give Mac and Felicia a little bit more to talk about than just the grandkids or, ‘There’s a crime

York responded as follows when questioned about Mac’s perspective on the potential that Cody Bell may be his son: “Mac is pondering the question, “What should I do?” How do I come to terms with this? What am I expected to do now that this young guy has grown into adulthood that I had nothing to do with in the first place? But I’m certain that with Felicia and Maxie’s support and affection, along with patience and time, we’ll find out how to handle this situation.”

Regarding his thoughts on Josh Kelly, York has noted that “He is a really kind and kind person. In terms of his attitude to the job, he maintains a lighthearted and humorous demeanor. As an actor, he exhibits spontaneity and openness. I see a lot of the younger version of myself in him… when I was that age. When I was younger and more attractive, I could have easily passed for him.”

After the interview, John J. York followed up with a message on Twitter in which he said, “Wow! I would want to express my gratitude to Soap Opera Digest and express my hope that the readers would like the article.”

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