There are certain pups and other animals who create history and leave an everlasting impact on humanity, but it’s important to remember that all animals, even puppies, deserve all the love in the world.

This was the situation with Buddy, a dog that remained in Argentina after his owner moved away. Because of his occupation as a newspaper delivery kid, people all throughout the country referred to him as “El Perrito Canillita.” He was 14 years old at the time.

Because Buddy walked to the store by himself every morning carrying a bag in his mouth that held money, he became well-known for his tremendous intellect and dexterity and gained a lot of popularity as a result. He navigated the streets with extreme caution, always ensuring that he scanned in both directions before crossing.

When he arrived at the shop, he showed his excitement by wagging his tail frantically while he waited patiently for the saleswoman to fill his bag. Afterward, he walked joyfully back to his house.

Nevertheless, as a result of the terrible passing of Buddy, the whole globe is now in a state of grief.

A video clip in which he could be seen strolling from his owner Alberto’s newsstand to a business that sold pet food, in Castelli and Charlone, brought him to fame. In the footage, he was in Castelli and Charlone.

“It doesn’t matter how much pressure you put on him to cross the street; he won’t do it until I tell him to. He had a lot of intelligence. The very first time we went to the convenience shop to buy food from him, he gave me a funny look when I told the girl that he was going to the store by himself with his bag and the cash. After I told her this, he looked at the girl and then at me before saying, ”

Buddy inspired one of the most heartfelt emotions in everyone who was fortunate enough to know him. Alberto described in a sorrowful manner how one day a lady waited to receive her wage in order to pay for a cab and go from a great distance in order to gratify the renowned dog and just be able to pat him.

On a separate occasion, a neighbor of Alberto’s was the one who disclosed the footage of the dog at the French restaurant.

He was a celebrity in his own right!

Alberto asserts that the acquisition of tiny Buddy was never, ever going to be a part of his plans, but that his daughter, who was just 10 years old at the time, saw a movie and desired a dog precisely like the one in the movie.

Despite the fact that he convinced her that adopting a child is the better option, his friends have recently presented him with an opportunity to take care of a puppy who was the only survivor of a litter that his mother had abandoned. Therefore, he sacrificed something significant for him.

The proprietor of the newsstand is overjoyed to have been the “human father” of such a nice dog, which has garnered the admiration of thousands of people all over the world. But it is certain that the fact that he is no longer with him makes him feel quite depressed.

Because it was so well-known, one of Friend’s neighbors offered some of his own property so that it might be concealed nearby, close to where Friend resided. Therefore, Alberto is able to relax knowing that he may pay his respects to his remains at any time he chooses.

“His exams were flawless; yet, he disintegrated inside a few days. She was required to help him stand, and in order for him to swallow his meals, he would soak his food in bread and milk.

The physician informed me that a dog of this size often does not survive for more than ten to twelve years, so he did not suffer and did not experience any agony. He lived to be 14 and was in good health. He gives me comfort by letting me know that the big guy is no longer in any pain and that he is now resting in peace.

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