A man was walking back to his house after work when he saw a puppy waiting for him on the corner of the road. He became acutely aware of the fact that he was a stray with a sinking sensation. He came near enough to examine the little animal.

He was extremely kind and welcoming, despite the fact that he was a stray. The guy approached the small pup, and the dog approached him in return, and the little dog followed the man all the way back to his house. He even allowed the kind man to touch him and console him.

When the puppy came at the guy’s residence, the man was at a loss as to what to do with it. The guy was eager to bring him inside at once, but he didn’t want the child to be startled. Because of this, he tried to reassure him and waited for him to come to him on his own.

After some time had passed, the young dog made up its mind to join the pack and become a permanent part of the household. The guy filled the man’s hungry tummy by giving him food. After he had finished his supper, a fresh bed with a nice blanket was brought to him. The other person made an effort to warm him up and console him. The little dog first shook uncomfortably but soon found himself at ease and relaxed. After that, he did not take long to nod off and went directly into a deep slumber.

The father called the puppy Pluto because he is quick on his feet and enjoys playing. When Pluto is with his new family, we have no doubt in our minds that he is filled with joy. On the other hand, the unexpected event occurred the next day. He begged with them to let him go, and then he returned to the street. Although the guy let him go, he continued to follow him in order to ensure that he was safe.

As it turned out, he introduced the guy to his homeless companions and pleaded with him to assist them. It should come as no surprise that Pluto has a high IQ. Before he invited his buddies to the home, he decided to stay there to make sure it was secure and that there was food. The guy couldn’t stand to see these poor puppies suffer any longer, so he brought them home with him.

When the two individuals finally arrived to the residence, they were still frightened and unsure of what to do next. The guy provided them with food, and very quickly the bowls were bare. They were examined by the veterinarian to make sure that they were in good health. It makes us delighted to know that the puppies have found a good home with their new owner. A new trip starts with them, but this one will be less dangerous and more joyful.

What stunning little puppies! Many thanks for rescuing them and finding them a home where they may live out their lives. I pray that God would bless you and your team.

By Elen

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