As a direct consequence of this, Nastya Tikhaya is being lauded as a hero by the media for her selfless service in assisting crippled and extinct animals to flee the conflict.

The idea of unrestricted love is well captured in her photograph of her walking a pack of dogs. Together with her husband, Arthur Lee, she is now supporting animals who have been abandoned by their owners as well as animals that are without homes in crossing into Poland.

The majority of the canines were either elderly or crippled, and they were worn out from the trip. After having walked for a number of kilometers, they required assistance getting over the river. Even though some of the elderly dogs had been left behind by their families when they fled, Nastya and her husband were certain that they would not abandon their pets.

This is not the end for the pair. During the time when they are removing stray dogs and cats from the streets and arranging transportation to Poland, Nastya begs for assistance. Many dogs and cats now have a home in Poland because of the selfless efforts of a courageous couple and numerous other volunteers. They were taken in by shelters, and some of the dogs have been reclaimed by their rightful owners.

It is her deep love for all of these dogs that gives her the courage and will to care for them. We hope that she is able to find more individuals who are as dedicated as she is to taking care of these dogs.

Many, many thanks for coming to the aid of these beautiful angels in need and guiding them to safety.
It’s always amazing to hear of miraculous rescues like this one.

I cannot express how grateful I am to you for the compassion, care, and concern you have shown.

Honor her 1000 times over! Protect her from harm, Lord, and give her the faith and bravery she needs to protect these sweet and defenseless animals.

By Anna

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