When a lady was on her way to work, she came across a tiny dog that was laying on the side of the road in a hopeless position. As soon as she realized that the puppy need assistance, she moved closer to check on her condition. The poor soul seemed exhausted and feeble as a result of the huge wound that was located on her leg. She was infested with fleas and ticks all over her body. Even though there were a lot of people about, nobody bothered to stop and aid her. To her credit, she did not choose to disregard him and instead made the decision to help him.

The journey to the veterinarian for the dog with the wife took close to two hours. The wound was promptly cleaned and then stitched up by the medical staff. They provided her with everything she needed, including a lovely name, and gave her the name Alice. The wounds eventually formed scabs, and the physicians speculated that she had been attacked by large dogs. She was able to move about on her own a little bit, but it was still uncomfortable for her and she needed more time to recover entirely.

Alice made a complete recovery and became a joyful girl after receiving love and care for a period of four months. However, just when everyone believed that she was prepared to live her best life, a horrible incident occurred in her life. Because of an untreated cut, her walking became incredibly painful as the infection spread. Immediately after being located, she was sent to the animal hospital to get medical attention. The little child was courageous and tenacious despite the difficulty of the situation. She made an effort to go through the painful experience without moaning or groaning.

The veterinarians did all in their power to save her life, and happily, she made a recovery after all their efforts. She had many days of therapy before being well enough to go back home. It made her delighted to be reunited with her family and friends in her childhood home. In addition, her hair had begun to return, and she was now prepared to live her life like any other dog.

We are overjoyed to hear that Alice, along with several other rescued angels, has found a lifelong loving home. After all that she had gone through, she is now living happily with the people that she loves in the house that she cherishes. We pray that she may always be surrounded by love and happiness throughout her whole life. She will never again understand the pain of isolation, starvation, or brutality.

I am grateful to you for having the courage to save such a beautiful person. A huge thank you goes out to the wonderful veterinarians for the incredible job that they’ve done. God bless you. You are real heroes

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By Elen

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