At first sight, Norang seems to be like any other cat; he is fluffy and plump, yet he does not move as other healthy cats do.

According to SBS TV, both of Norang’s rear legs are seriously injured, and as a result, he can only walk on his two front legs.

Fortunately, Norang has a buddy named Nabi who is eager to assist him and look after him in his time of need. He even allows Morang to sleep in his bed and eats his meals with him.

At their cardboard “home,” Norang and his close pal Nabi were also there.

In addition to that, Nabi will cover Norang with his body in order to protect him from any wild cat that may try to bother him. This will assist to keep Norang safe.

The terrifying cat is able to be shooed away from Norang with the assistance of Nabi.

In the same way, Nabi takes care of Norang by licking him, and he also allows Norang to have first dibs on their meal.

To our great good fortune, Nabi and Norang are no longer living on the streets. They were saved by a sanctuary for animals, and they are doing quite well in the new home they share with their new owner. They are adjusting very well to their new environment.

Watch this video to see how lovely it is that Norang and Nabi are to one other and how much they watch out for each other in their relationship.

By Anna

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