Widget, the cutest little cat with a face that looks just like Grumpy Cat’s, has been causing quite a stir on Instagram, all because of her adorable little frown.

Are you going to disagree with me when I claim that there is no such thing as a flawed cat? Regardless matter whether it has three legs instead of four, a crooked tail instead of a straight one, three eyes instead of two, or the most miserable expression you’ve ever seen on its face, the tiny felines never fail to enchant and cast their spell of unconditional love.

There was one unusual cat among a litter of kittens that were between 4 and 5 weeks old. She stood out among the other animals at the shelter run by the Carroll County Humane Society in Tennessee due to the fact that she was noticeably more petite than the others. They were in possession of a dwarf cat, which presented them with a conundrum: which among them would be the most suitable candidate to temporarily provide a home for the kitten and its siblings? Fortunately, they had the perfect person in mind all along!

The Carroll County Humane Society in Tennessee received a litter of kittens between the ages of 4 and 5 weeks old, with one of the kittens being much younger and smaller than her siblings.

Animals had always held a special place in Michelle Roberts’ heart. She mentioned in an interview with Bored Panda that in 2008 she began volunteering at a local humane society, where she assists with cleaning and taking care of the animals. She said, “Once I rescued my first cat, it evolved into fostering more animals.” “Her name was Lulu, and we discovered her in the middle of the road at the busiest crossroads in my hometown. Her nickname was Lucky Lucy.”

“She was around four weeks old, and I had no clue what I was doing with a kitten that was just four weeks old at the time.” Together, we solved the problem, which cemented our relationship from the beginning. “So, she was my first foster cat, and she was also my first foster that didn’t work out,” Michelle said with a giggle. “Over the years, I have been involved in the fostering and rescue of a significant number of cats. My greatest weakness, though, is for kittens with unique requirements.

In the year 2020, the rescue organization sent her a message. There was a photo of the litter, including one of a very young white kitten that had the grumpiest expression she had ever seen on a baby. The very first photograph of her that I was ever shown had me burst out laughing and smiling.

“She had the most miserable expression on her face as if she was already sick and weary of this world despite having only been a part of it for four weeks.” They asked Michelle if she would be interested in taking the kittens since the rescue organization did not have enough space for them, and Michelle quickly accepted.

They needed someone with experience to foster the kittens since they had a kitten with dwarfism, and they had exactly the person in mind – she was going to be the foster mother. Michelle Roberts

Her affection was won over by the runt of the litter. She told Bored Panda, “I was immediately smitten with Widget.” “I was quickly smitten with Widget.” During the first few months of our relationship, I had the impression that each and every time I spent with her was precious. The genetic defects that led the kitten to be born with a kind of dwarfism resulted in the cat’s development being stunted and her body having strange dimensions.

Michelle said that it was extremely clear that she was a younger and hence smaller child than her brothers. She weighed far less than the other cats, and she just wasn’t getting any bigger. You could also see that her legs were really short and ‘chunky,’ and she most definitely had the ‘Grumpy Cat’ appearance.

Michelle offered an explanation, saying, “She definitely cannot navigate around objects as other cats can.” It was hilarious to see her attempt to hop on the furniture or chase after my cats because of both of these things. She believes that she is a typical-sized cat and that she has the skills that are typical for a typical-sized cat… “but I can assure you that is not the situation at all,” she joked.

Because of her deep affection for animals, Michelle had been volunteering with animal shelters since 2008, and she quickly gave her consent to take care of the kittens.

Widget’s siblings were about to leave for their permanent homes, but as soon as she walked inside Michelle’s house, she felt like she’d been there before. The sassy queen demonstrated her title by her behavior. According to what Michelle shared with The Dodo, “she has always had a feisty attitude.” “It’s almost as if she knew all eyes were on her and that she could do anything she wanted and yet get away with it. She is the same way even to this day.”

Because Michelle had been caring for Widget in a foster home, the animal shelter gave her the opportunity to be the first in line to adopt her. As a result, she is now Widget’s permanent human mother! She has been providing amazing care for tiny Widget, who now weighs 7 pounds and is having a wonderful life with her three other cat siblings. She has also been very attentive to Widget’s needs. There is nothing cuter than a lady who loves her animals without conditions, saying things like “I love her no matter what!”

“Tissue paper and crinkle balls are two of Widget’s favorite toys to play with. In addition to that, she takes pleasure in provoking disputes with her younger brothers, as Michelle elucidated.

“She appreciates the value of a nice snooze in a sunny place, followed by some stretching, and then more time spent sleeping.” She is an expert at climbing and descending the stairs in my apartment building. When traveling up and down some steps, a dwarf cat may make a noise that is fairly incredible to hear.

She exclaimed, “I was immediately smitten with Widget,” and she loved every second that they spent together with the itty-bitty but feisty feline. “I was instantly smitten with Widget,” she remarked.

She currently posts images of Widget on their Instagram profile, where they have 68,600 followers, keeping their attention. Michelle chuckled as she reflected on the phenomenon, saying, “It’s weird how that really frowny face can actually have 50 different emotions in less than two minutes.” The cat is just as bouncy and lively as the other cats, despite the fact that she is on the smaller side.

Michelle had the misconception that she was the one who was selected rather than the one doing the choosing. She told Love Meow, “I have always thought that a cat or a dog genuinely chooses their people rather than the other way around.” Love Meow is an online publication. “The women who work at the Humane Society took the initiative to get in touch with me about Widget because they were certain that I would adore her. They were certain that I would provide her with a lovely home and that they would be kept up to speed on her progress.

Widget’s siblings were quickly placed in loving homes, and since Michelle had been caring for Widget while she was in foster care, the rescue organization gave her the opportunity to adopt her before anybody else, which she did.

However, there is another, somewhat more serious aspect to this tale, and that is the fact that feline dwarfism is associated with a number of health problems. According to what Michelle said with Bored Panda, “I feel as if I ought to knock on wood before I say this… but Widget is amazingly healthy.” “Now, since I really like her so much, I decided to give her a forever home.” Despite this, I decided to give her a forever home since I believed there was a fairly strong possibility she would have some kind of health problem.

“I couldn’t stomach the notion of someone adopting her because they thought she was so lovely but then not being willing to take her to the vet if and when she did have problems as a result of her dwarfism. It gave me the willies. Because I work in the animal rescue sector, I can’t even begin to tell you the incredibly reprehensible reasons that people make for giving up their pets.

Michelle loved the cat too much to give her up, but she was also afraid that anybody else would ignore the inherent health problems that come along with dwarfism.

It may be cute to look at, but dwarfism in cats is still a genetic mutation. In order to offer the best treatment possible for a pet that has this disease, it is necessary to have knowledge and insight into the condition.

According to the website Catster, there are three different forms of dwarfism that may afflict cats: osteochondrodysplasia (characterized by small legs and normal bodies), pituitary dwarfism (characterized by stunted development all over), and selective dwarfism (a genetic defect encouraged by breeders of Munchkin and Minskin cats).

This disorder may result in a wide range of health difficulties, including problems with the heart or lungs, neurological issues, movement challenges, arthritis, and very limiting physical defects, which need continuous care from a veterinarian. Some of these health issues include:

As a result of the possibility for their lives to be fraught with suffering, it is recommended that individuals refrain from fostering the breeding of cats of this breed. You might want to reconsider getting a cat with dwarfism, despite the fact that the topic is still very much up for discussion. This is especially true if you do not have experience taking care of cats with special needs or are not willing to spend the time necessary to provide the cat with the best possible care.

It’s hard not to notice the striking similarities between Widget and Grumpy Cat, the internet’s most famous and beloved cat. Michelle has high expectations that she will be able to follow in Grumpy’s footsteps.

Widget is eerily similar to Grumpy Cat, the most famous cat on the internet, who unfortunately passed away in 2019 due to complications from a urinary tract illness. Widget is a cat named Widget. Because of her underbite and feline dwarfism, the cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, was notorious for having a perpetually displeased expression on her face. The year 2012 marked the beginning of her rise to fame, and ever since then, she has never failed to make people happy.

Michelle said that she has gotten quite a few comments from individuals referring to Widget as either Grumpy Cat reborn or Grumpy Cat 2.0. I am a huge fan of Grumpy Cat and own a lot of products with her likeness. Because of this, the fact that people even consider comparing Widget to Grumpy Cat is quite flattering to me.

Michelle has two goals that she wants to achieve, and she is hoping that if her tiny Widget can follow in Grumpy Cat’s “pawprints,” she will be able to do so.

“I’ll be honest and confess that for years I have joked about how much I would love to be a stay-at-home parent to cats. In addition to this, one of my goals is for Widget to become so well-known that she is able to advocate for the causes “Spay/Neuter” and “Adopt – Don’t Shop!!!”

“It would be my dream come true if Widget became so renowned that she could disseminate the messages of ‘Spay/Neuter’ and ‘Adopt – Don’t Shop!!!'” Michelle said

So, what does the rest of Michelle and Widget’s lives have in store for them? The former still can’t believe how much attention they’ve gotten on Instagram. If you had told me two years ago that Widget would be appreciated by people all over the globe and would have 70,000 followers on Instagram, I would not have believed you. I would not have believed it. Michelle screamed out in utter pleasure.

“I get a little misty-eyed saying this, but I absolutely love receiving messages from people when they say that Widget made them smile or made their (terrible) day just a little bit better. ” “I get teary-eyed saying this, but I absolutely love receiving messages from people when they say that Widget made them smile or made their (terrible I believe the only thing I can really want for the future is that Widget’s unhappy expression can continue to make other people laugh!!!

Michelle has high expectations that people would continue to laugh when they see Widget’s sad expression. We are forward to seeing what they will come up with in the future and wish them the best of luck.

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