Meet Alberto! He had been abandoned in the field, and a compassionate lady discovered him there with a worm in his eye. He was unable to move since he was trapped within the container.

It seemed as if there was nothing left for him to do. Who would have such a vile disposition as to act in such a manner?

She brought him to the nearest medical facility. She decided to call him Albeto. A veterinarian treated him by removing the maggots and administering first aid.

He is still going through treatment, and everyone is quite relieved to report that his small eye was able to be spared and that he has not really lost it.

” Albeto opened his eyes, and we are relieved to report that he did not suffer any permanent eye damage; he was rescued.”

This is the thing that will unquestionably bring joy to everyone.

The kind lady stayed by Alberto’s side as he continued to make slow but steady progress toward recovery. Every day, she saw him become better.

This angel might have had feelings of helplessness as he was laying in a box in the middle of nowhere. Love, on the other hand, keeps hope alive.

By Elen

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