Jennifer Lopez has spoken out against a wedding guest who she claims “took advantage” of her and “sold” a video to TMZ showing her serenading Ben Affleck during the couple’s wedding party in Georgia over the weekend. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck just got married.

“I do not give consent for this to be taken. Period. “And whoever did that took advantage of our private time,” she said in an Instagram remark that was published by the account of a fan who goes by the handle @jlow0rld. “I don’t know where you all are getting it from since we had NDAs and requested everyone not to publish anything from our wedding. I don’t know where you all are getting it from. That is the decision that we have made to share.

“Anything that I release publicly or privately is on OnTheJLO, and it’s for my followers to share. It is something I will do when I feel ready to do it. This was taken from us without our permission and then sold for a profit. Lopez continued by saying, “Thank you for caring, I love you guys.”

In the video, Lopez, 53, sings to Affleck, 50, who was sat in a chair directly across from her, smiling and enjoying the performance. After she finishes singing to Affleck, she then puts the microphone out to the audience and has everyone join in on the catchy refrain: “Can’t get enough.”

The bride, who is accompanied by backing dancers, sings, “All night I can feel the passion in your eyes I’m still in love with you,” as she is surrounded by her bridal party.

After tying the knot in a small ceremony in Las Vegas a month earlier, the couple recently celebrated their nuptials with more than one hundred guests on the Saturday after their wedding at the 87-acre property owned by an actor who won an Academy Award, which is located on the Hampton Island Preserve in Georgia.

The primary ceremony, which was officiated by Jay Shetty, took place on the rear lawn behind a white framework that was filled with white flowers. Meanwhile, the courtyard was covered with hundreds of candles. The color white was worn by everyone who was there for the main event. In addition, there was a typical family-style meal with a Southern theme that was part of the celebration on Friday.

According to the source, Ben purchased the home when they were engaged for the first time, which was twenty years ago. “They have a unique connection there, and his 50th birthday was only last week, so it made logical to do it there and then,” the author explains.

Affleck and Lopez started dating for the first time in July of 2002, and they got engaged in November of the same year. They ultimately decided to put off their wedding, which was scheduled for September 2003. After over two decades had passed, in 2021, they got back together, and Lopez told PEOPLE that it was “a fantastic ending that this has occurred in this fashion at this point in our life when we can truly appreciate, celebrate, and respect one other.”

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