There are a lot of young people who end up falling in love with a resident worker. For some, it’s a member of the fire department. For some, it’s a member of the law enforcement community.

However, for Brooklyn, who lives in Bloomington, Illinois, the person who did it was Delvar Deshawn Dopson, who collects trash. She would do this on a daily basis, sitting by the window and waiting for him and his truck to come and carry the garbage outside.

Dopson would go about his business on Thursdays in the past. Brooklyn would smile and wave at him enthusiastically every time they crossed paths. He would always answer with a wave and a grin on his face whenever someone waved at him.

The little girl brought a ray of sunshine into his day, and on the day she celebrated her birthday, he was even more taken aback when she chose to give him a present.

Traci Andracke, Brooklyn’s mother, was aware of the significance that Dopson had for her daughter, and as a result, she would occasionally walk her daughter around the neighborhood if they had missed him at their house. “To Brooklyn, he is our favorite great cheerful trash guy,” Andracke said in reference to Dopson while she was speaking to The Huffington Post.

On the occasion of Brooklyn’s third birthday, her one and only request was to express her gratitude to the trash collector by presenting him with one of her signature cupcakes as a token of her appreciation for all of his efforts. The little girl made up her mind that she wanted to take Dopson by surprise by bringing her a unique fairy cupcake.

The heartfelt moment was captured by Brooklyn’s mother and posted on Facebook. She went on to explain how Dopson was walking down the street waving as he often did when she shouted out to him. As she gave him the cupcake she had been holding for him and he emerged from his vehicle with a broad grin, Brooklyn was overcome with a sudden feeling of shyness.

This finally resulted in the beginning of a new custom between the family and their trash guy, and ever since then, they have been developing lovely times together as a unit.

Andracke took the time to explain to Dopson how excited his weekly trips make her daughter, and he was deeply moved by her explanation, revealing that he also looks forward to seeing them every Thursday. Andracke took the time to explain to Dopson how excited her daughter is about Andracke’s weekly trips.

On April 7, 2016, Brooklyn was overjoyed when she was able to celebrate Dopson’s birthday by giving her a cupcake. The occasion was Dopson’s birthday. Andracke said, “As a mother, I can’t even begin to convey how joyful it made me that she had the opportunity to finally meet him.” “She was completely speechless and unable to move because she was so star-struck. It was necessary for me to do all of the talking on her behalf. In addition to this, she is never at a loss for words.

But as soon as Dopson walked out of the room, Brooklyn walked up to her mother and said, “Mommy, I’m so pleased.” Even though the event was brief, the influence of the meeting was long-lasting.

Six months later, Dopson made the decision to make good on his promise to repay the favor by surprise Brooklyn and her brother, Ty, on his own birthday with cupcakes and gifts. Since then, the custom has been carried on, and the families of Dopson and Brooklyn have no intention of abandoning it anytime soon. The family is appreciative of the new acquaintance that they have met as a result of the kind act that was performed by their daughter.

Andracke shared how she was “blown away” by the amount of attention that was paid to the wonderful conversation that took place between Brooklyn and Dopson. She said:

“I’d appreciate it if people could keep in mind that it doesn’t take much effort to make a modest gesture, such as a honk, wave, or grin. Just get it done. Give someone else your undivided attention for an additional second and smile at them. You never know who will be on the receiving end of that grin, or how much it will lift someone else’s spirits when they see it.

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