As we become older, we hit certain milestones. And despite all of these accomplishments, our parents have been our first and most steadfast supporters. They’ll help us win our first prizes, guide us through our first day of school, teach us the things we’ll need to know as teenagers, and weep with us as we get our college degrees.

Nothing can take their place.

After that, they will kiss their grandchildren and lead us down the aisle. Therefore, honoring these milestones without a parent means doing it with a hole in our hearts. However, a neighborhood police force didn’t want a kid to have this want.

Last November 2021, a medical catastrophe caused Anna Stolinsky to lose her father, Lt. Kevin Stolinsky. Former U.S. Navy officer Lt. Stolinsky used his talents to “serve and defend” their neighborhood.

He participated actively in the neighborhood police force.

Lt. Stonlisky is either up on stage, in the picture, or giving plaques at a number of the events they posted on their Facebook page.

It wouldn’t be the same in kindergarten.
Anna would have to enter kindergarten alone as a result of this loss.

Any parent would make every effort to be there at such a significant milestone. Unfortunately for Anna, her father’s destiny was different.

However, Lt. Stolinsky was a devoted officer and a valued neighbor. Therefore, the cops of his precinct did not let Anna accomplish this milestone by herself.

They arrived with ceremony.
Anna was met by two lines of policemen on the first day of school.

Along the route where Anna would stroll, they stood shoulder to shoulder. They each provided Anna with support in their own unique ways at a crucial moment.

Along with her new moms and dads from the force, she is now marching with her head held high.

As she passed each officer, she gave them a high five to express her gratitude for the honoring of her late father.

The day was quite wonderful. All those police officers that came up to honor the memory of my spouse Inside Edition was told by Anna’s mother.

Twenty years were spent as a Lt.

Such an honor is only appropriate.

“Anna and her mother were given a police escort to school and then were encircled by cops from numerous agencies as she made her way to the front doors in honor of her father and in support of her family.” The department posted a statement on Facebook.

During his funeral, he also got a significant send-off. His daughter is now being sent by the department to begin a new chapter in her life.

For Anna, the homage was bittersweet.
Even at her early age, she recognized the purpose of the police line-up in front of the school.

It increased her longing for her father while also serving as a poignant reminder of how cherished their family was.

By Elen

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