Recently, Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, celebrated their 12th anniversary of being together. On the other hand, Underwood’s uncertainties nearly prevented them from being together as a couple.

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher, a hockey player, recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. The pair chose to have a low-key celebration, but they are constantly professing their love for one another on various social media platforms.

Recently, Fisher made sure to show his wife some love on special occasions like her birthday and Mother’s Day. The hockey player made sure to tell his wife how much he loves and appreciates her, and he did not leave out the fact that he thinks she is an amazing mother to their two sons.

When you are having a good time, time flies; Fisher could not believe that he had been married for 11 years at that point in time. On the occasion of his 11th wedding anniversary, he posted a photo from the wedding and expressed his amazement at how quickly the years had passed.

The hockey player concluded the caption by stating that Underwood was the most ideal companion he could ever have imagined having.

On Father’s Day, Underwood demonstrated her gratitude to Fisher in a number of different ways. The country singer told her that they, along with their boys, were very fortunate to have him in their lives. For Valentine’s Day, Underwood expressed her love for her Canadian hockey player by posting a vintage photo of the two of them together.

Underwood and Fisher have a unique connection, but in order for their relationship to flourish, the two of them have endured a significant amount of struggle. Underwood questioned whether or not she should continue giving her spouse of 12 years a chance.

HOW CARRIE UNDERWOOD Encountered the Man She Would Marry

Underwood did not anticipate being in a long-distance relationship, and she did not even see herself being married in the near future. But even when her good friend Mark Childer arranged for her to meet an attractive Canadian athlete, she remained dubious about the relationship.

The singer was apprehensive about going on the blind date because she feared that it would be embarrassing in some way. As a solution, she proposed that they meet backstage at one of her gigs.

Underwood was mistaken when he said that the interaction was uncomfortable. It was impossible to deny the physical connection between them, and the vocalist enjoyed what she saw.

She responded to Childers’ text with the latest update, which read, “Hot, hot, hot.” And Fisher said that Underwood had an even more stunning appearance in real life than she did on the show.

They did not go on their first date until another three months had passed. In addition to the physical distance between them, both Underwood and Fisher had hectic job schedules to contend with. Underwood resided in Tennessee, and Fisher in Canada.

On the evening of December 31, 2008, the singer and the hockey player went on their first date together. When Underwood insisted that Fisher kiss her in front of everyone, it was a surprising action on her part. The singer said that she had the idea to take the chance since she believed he would be less inclined to reject her in public.

The move that Underwood made was successful because, by 2009, the couple was in the midst of a romantic whirlwind. The singer replied yes when Fisher popped the question to her in the comfort of his own home on a Sunday afternoon in December of 2009.

The pair was thrilled to embark on this new chapter in their lives together; in fact, Fisher raved about his fiancee to the media and stated, “It’s true. Both of us are clearly ecstatic and in a great mood right now.


During the early half of their marriage, Underwood and Fisher chose to spend their time apart. Their jobs required them to be in various locations at different times. Since Fisher was playing for the Ottawa Senators, the club that first picked him 13 years ago, the singer had to be in Nashville at the same time.

However, Underwood did not let the distance disturb her since she was well aware that they were both self-sufficient adults who had jobs. She said that since they are both self-reliant individuals, they are unable to have someone there twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The fact that the singer was quite happy and comfortable in her marriage took precedence over anything else; she said, “I don’t have to worry about Mike. Is he going to leave? I couldn’t care less; it doesn’t get under my skin at all. I don’t bat an eye.”

Following their long-distance marriage, Underwood and Fisher eventually made their home together and became parents to their first child. On February 27, 2015, Isaiah Michael was brought into the world.

On January 23, 2019, the couple welcomed their second baby, Jacob Bryan. Prior to the birth of her second son, Underwood said that she had had three miscarriages before she became pregnant with her second child.

The singer persevered through the difficult time so that she could be there for her loved ones. After giving Jacob a warm welcome, Underwood thought on the difficult period that had just passed and said:

“I suppose you just have to wait for things to get less painful at some time. I will never stop grieving for those children, for those lives that were nothing more than a flash of lightning or a wisp of smoke, but now I have Jacob, and he is amazing, and he is the cutest little baby in the world.

In spite of all that has taken place, Underwood and Fisher are devoted parents who put their two kids’ needs above their own and are thankful to have them.

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