Tisha Beauchmin is a mother of five who works as a cashier at a bingo hall in Las Vegas. Tisha was taken aback when her next-door neighbor Audrey asked her to care after her three children one day and didn’t anticipate Audrey to come knocking on her door.

Tisha and her husband Kevin had just a cursory familiarity with Audrey, yet they were unable to refuse her request.

Audrey raised her three children on her alone. She worked two jobs to maintain her family and did all she could to provide her children with the best upbringing possible.

The news that she had stage 2 cancer of both the esophagus and the stomach forced her to realize that she needed to find someone else to take care of her children. Because of this, Tish Beauchmin was able to step in. Tish had spent her childhood years in an orphanage, and she had no intention of allowing Audrey’s children to be raised anywhere else.

The Beauchmin family of seven rapidly expanded into the Beauchmin family of ten.

Tisha and Kevin’s house did not have a lot of available room for guests. However, despite the fact that they already had five children of their own, they consented to care for Audrey’s children. Tisha and Kevin’s minds immediately went to Audrey’s children after hearing the devastating news about her disease.

Unfortunately, Audrey’s illness moved quickly through the stages, and in a couple of weeks, it had reached stage 4. Audrey had been told that she only had a year to live when she was diagnosed with cancer, but the disease quickly progressed.

Shortly after that, Audrey passed away.

Inside the modest house, there were now a total of ten individuals living together. The living accommodations of the Beauchmin family were extremely crowded, especially considering that several of the children slept on recliners in the living room. Beds made out of other furniture were set up wherever there was room.

Tisha and Kevin were aware that the adoption of the children would not be finalized until each of the children had their own private bedroom.

Elizabeth Thames, who was a neighbor of theirs, was aware of the terrible circumstances that the family was subjected to. The Thames was aware that action needed to be taken.

Elizabeth did not have the resources necessary to assist, but she did write a letter to Fox5’s Surprise Squad. The Surprise Squad was captivated by the account of how the two families came to live together in the same house. A visit was in order.

The group got to work immediately and remodeled the house from top to bottom with the assistance of a large number of additional community partners. The whole amount of work that would have taken six weeks to complete was accomplished in just four days.

The Beauchmin family was given accommodations at the casino for the duration of the time that their home was being renovated.

Because of the profound impact that Tisha and Kevin’s actions had on so many people, a whole community banded together to help make positive changes in their lives. It is incredible to see what individuals are capable of when they are shown a great deal of love and compassion.

To view and hear this tale for yourself, just click on the video that has been provided for you below.

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