When some people’s circumstances change and they are no longer able to properly care for their animals (or when they decide they no longer want them), they callously abandon them in an unknown location. The unfortunate critters have to deal with all of the dangers on their own. In the following minute, what do you think will happen to them? They just do not have any notion.

Someone left a dog behind in a commercial area, and the person or people who did so even dumped the dog’s possessions into a garbage can. Fortunately, Hope For Paws received a text message about her, and the rescue team immediately went over to the location to save the puppy as soon as they could.

The setting was rather big, which meant that the crew had to search the whole area in order to discover the puppy; however, she was nowhere to be seen. They had been informed by a member of this establishment’s staff that the dog may show up if she was offered a cheeseburger, so they decided to use the cheeseburger to entice the dog. She did arrive there, but she was rather apprehensive the whole time, so she carefully inched her way closer to them. They worked slowly to win her confidence, and it was incredible when a rescuer was able to pick up the dog without any difficulty. The little dog showed no sign of hostility toward them, as if she were certain that, unlike the person who had abandoned her here, they had a kind heart. This was such a wonderful way to save someone! The people who came to the dog’s aid comforted him by hugging him.

They decided to call the pet Shania. The sweet dog allowed them to carry her out of the place in obedience, where she would begin a new life that she had no idea was waiting for her without her knowledge. Following a really long soak, Shania reverted to her original appearance as a cute canine. It was difficult to imagine that there were people in the world with such wicked hearts who could have the guts to throw away such a lovely puppy as Shania. It was quite adorable to see the dog as she rubbed her whole body all over the sofa. She was relieved to know that she was secure and her happiness was over the roof. Shania was a nice dog, and she deserved to be shown attention because of it.

She had just been placed in a foster home and was continuing her search for a permanent family. Please get in touch with L.A. Animal Rescue if you are interested in giving Shania a forever home.

By Elen

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