As a group of volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited were strolling down the road, they came across a stray dog who was laying down and seemed to be in a lot of discomfort. As a result of the excruciating discomfort caused by mange, he curled up on the ground and was scarcely able to open his eyes. He was so ravaged by mange, which left him with open sores and scabs, that he could not move.

In spite of the fact that he lived on the street, he did not seem to be afraid of others. He was cooperative and allowed one of the volunteers to handle him and feed him. He had gone without food for a number of days, so he ate as soon as he could. When the guy tried to pick up the dog, however, the dog grew frightened, and the man rushed away. It seemed as if he feared for his safety at the hands of this individual.

The people who were trying to save the youngster came to the conclusion that the best way to do it would be to use a net to grab him and haul him to safety. They attempted to capture him on many occasions but were ultimately unsuccessful. After bringing him back under control, they brought him to their refuge, where they attended to his wounds and provided him with medical attention. They rechristened him Tigger and gave him a new name.

Scratching had given him soreness and swelling in his toes, and his whole body was covered in open wounds. The scabs that had crusted over were removed by the rescue workers using a medicinal lotion. They comforted him, gave him food, and treated him with an anti-parasite shot and many medicinal baths. The journey to rehabilitation would be a long one, but everyone would do their best to assist him along the way.

Tigger began to show indications of improvement in his condition as a result of the love and care provided by the volunteers at Animal Aid Unlimited. His physique and skin began to improve in quality over time. After a month, he had made a full recovery and had returned to his fun self. Meet striped tiger-boy Tigger now!

By Elen

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