Every day, strays have to fight for their lives in order to stay alive. Finding sufficient food for a mother dog and her puppies proved to be fatal for one of the dogs. Tragically, she attempted to cross a major highway but was struck by a vehicle and killed in the process. She passed away in an instant, sparing herself any pain, but her newborn was unaware of what was happening. He was terrified and all by himself. He clutched his mother in the hopes that she would regain consciousness.

A passing motorist pulled over, got out of her vehicle, and, while crying, contacted the local rescue squad. The rescuers discovered that the puppy had been severely traumatized by the ss of his mother when they got on the scene. His mother means everything to him, and he has no idea what to do next in order to continue living. The stray puppy didn’t want to be separated from its mother, but the people who helped them had to do it nonetheless.

Both canines were rescued by the same group of people who placed them in their cars. First, they attempted to feed the puppy some food, but he was having none of it. He was adamantly against it. He did not stop sobbing and moved farther into the far corner of the cage.

Despite the fact that those who saved him soothed him and made him as comfortable as they could, all the puppy wanted was for his mother to come back and speak to him.

The rescuers decided to give the mama dog a proper burial and say some kind words. They made a solemn oath to look after her child in her memory. The animal shelter was visited, and the puppy was left there. Because he hadn’t been drinking enough water and eating enough food, he was quite weak. Even after the veterinarian and his team had done everything, the patient still would not eat.

The veterinarian and his team have encountered a similar situation previously. When a puppy is in such a state of shutdown, the only option left is to provide him with the food and water that he needs. If they delay, there is no way he will make it. They placed an IV in the dog, and it was allowed to relax in as much comfort as possible.

He has not yet overcome his fear, and he longs for his mother. Although it may take some time for him to regain a sense of security, no one is given up hope for his speedy recovery. Could you kindly include all of our prayers and best wishes for this new baby in your message?

The puppy is receiving treatment around the clock from the rescue organization as well as medical experts, and he is making steady but modest improvements as a result of their efforts.

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