As human beings, we have a lot of hopes and ambitions for our lives, including all of the wonderful and beautiful things that bring us joy, and we will do all in our power to make them come true. The fact that even animals may have goals and aspirations is shown by the dog in this tale. He had a desire to be able to go about on his own two feet.

The dog and his family made their home in a rural community. He was called Jjomaeng, and he was an absolutely stunning canine. Unfortunately, he was born without legs and had to rely on the rest of his body in order to walk about.

Earllook’s younger brother took care of him when their mother abandoned them all. This responsibility fell to Earllook. And to our great relief, they were owned by a kind and compassionate woman who took great care of them. She would often place a mat in the yard for Jjomaeng to use for his workouts on it. Jjomaeng exerted a lot of effort in order to move about despite the fact that his legs were missing parts. Jjomaeng was a cute and cheerful puppy, in spite of the impairment that he endured. Despite his condition, he was able to maneuver about the mat dexterously and take the food by himself.

Jjomaeng and his brother would sometimes get to play with the dogs that lived in the home, but Jjomaeng found that the dogs could be rather rowdy. Earllook was such a wonderful brother because he never failed to look out for Jjomaeng. Jjomaeng was finally left alone when the dogs were let out of the house at some point. He had no choice but to watch helplessly while others went out to play, and his eyes were filled with need as well as grief.

Jjomaeng accompanied his owner to the office on each and every one of her trips. The poor dog felt left out as he watched the other dogs have a great time playing together and wished he could join in. He made an effort to crawl forward, but it required too much energy for him to get to them, so he had to give up and stop trying. But he knew in his heart that he needed to go and discover the vast world that he had never before had the opportunity to encounter. He envied the other canines their ability to play and run about.

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And it turned out that his desire was granted. After the kind members of Kritter Klub built him a wheelchair to make it simpler for him to go about, a whole new world became accessible to him. When the woman owner saw that her adorable puppy had finally mastered walking on his own, she burst into tears of joy. It was going to take some time for him to get accustomed to his “new legs,” but he was determined to walk and join in on the fun with his brother as soon as possible.

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