The proprietor of the restaurant, Art Bouvier, takes great pleasure in the appearance of his institution and works hard to ensure that the outside is clean and appealing at all times.

Because his work isn’t affected by the changing of the seasons, Art is quite used to the freezing temperatures that Indiana experiences throughout the winter.

Art took notice of a young guy strolling outdoors since he did so despite the fact that he was aware of how cold and unpleasant the weather may be.

He was puzzled about the factors that may possibly be driving him.

The young guy gently made his way up to Art in order to ask him a question as if he could read Art’s thoughts. Even though the narrative may have ended there, Art decided to take advantage of the chance to have a positive impact on the lives of a complete stranger.

He made the decision to give the young man a ride.

He told others about his experience with the young guy by posting it on the internet.
He said:

“Okay, so when I’m outside spreading large amounts of ice melt, there was a small child who strolled across the parking lot heading in the western direction. He inquired about how long it was to 10th and Sherman from where we were.

“I explained to him that it was quite a far away. At a minimum of six or seven miles. I advised him that it would be safer for him to take the bus rather than walk, particularly in conditions like tonight with all the ice and slush. He expressed his gratitude before continuing.

“He had the opportunity to ask me for money for a bus, but he chose not to. In point of fact, I had well anticipated that he would. He didn’t. He just began walking.

“Fifteen minutes later, as we were driving down 10th street on our way to Strange Brew, we saw that guy was still waking up along 10th. He had not arrived at Franklin Road quite yet.

I signaled to Colleen to come to a stop, and I shouted out to him to get in the car. We questioned him about his travels while we were in the car with him.

“Jhaquiel was heading to an interview at 10th and Sherman from the intersection of 42nd and Post. for a job paying the minimum wage that is conceivable but not assured. in light of the weather. Walking due to financial constraints that prevented him from taking the bus. He had really done a good job of planning his schedule, and the interview was still going to take place in two hours.

We took him to the intersection of 10th and Sherman. He expressed his gratitude in a very heartfelt way. I received his telephone number and told him to maintain his interview, but that I would check if there was a way to employ him so that his daily commute to work would only be three miles instead of ten miles. I also inquired as to whether or not he had eaten today, and he said that he had not. I gave him money for lunch and then dropped him off at the Dairy Queen located at 10th and Sherman. I believe he was in a state of shock.

“So, he is not aware of it just yet, but he will begin working with us on Monday. It’s been a while since I’ve come across someone of that age who has such a strong commitment to hard work!

Not once, but twice, Art proves to be an honorable protagonist in this story.

He didn’t know the boy, but he wanted to help make his day a little bit better, so he offered to give him a ride. Simply doing that is an incredible act of compassion in and of itself. After listening to the kid’s account of events, he subsequently offered an employment opportunity to the youth.

It’s not often that individuals go out of their way to assist other people without expecting anything in return, but Art didn’t give it a second thought before assisting this child.

The young guy was making the correct choices and was obviously putting in a lot of effort to better his life.
The thoughtfulness of a complete stranger is something that, most likely, he will never forget. That day, fate brought the two individuals together. The young guy had the opportunity to see an act of unselfish generosity, and Art had the experience of seeing that there are individuals in the world who are prepared to put in a lot of effort to effect change.

It is heartening to learn that the world is not devoid of all morality completely.
We can only hope that this young guy will value his new profession and put it to good use to improve his life. Perhaps one day, he will be in a position to “pay it forward” and provide a helping hand to another person who is struggling financially.

There is a GoFundMe account that has been established to assist this young guy and others who are in a similar situation in their search for work and in improving their lives.

Watch the video that follows to get even more details about this story:

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