On Twitter not too long ago, a user by the name of Libby Pincher uploaded a touching video of a beautiful moment in which a dog gave its brother a tender cuddle. The message soon gained widespread attention, receiving more than 900 thousand retweets and nearly 200 thousand retweets.

The two puppies, Monty and Rosie, were part of the same litter and were born in June of last year. Susan Killip, one of their owners, said that from the very beginning, the pair was exceptionally close. According to what Killip shared with The Dodo, “There were six of them, but Monty and Rosie were constantly together.”

When Killip’s friends from a neighboring town decided to adopt Monty and bring him home, unfortunately, the two were forced to spend time apart. Since Monty had moved into his new home, the puppies had lost contact with one another and hadn’t seen one other in a long time.

Even though they hadn’t seen each other since they were young pups, they were nevertheless able to identify one other without any trouble at all. They ran over to one other and gave each other the warmest, most endearing doggie hugs possible.

Susan said that it was so charming that the two of them immediately stood up and embraced one other. After not having contact with one another for ten months, it was incredible that they still remembered one other.

Pincher’s mom received a text message with a description and images of her lovely meeting with Pincher’s dad. “Okay, so Dave was out walking his dog when he saw another couple approaching him with a white replica of his dog. It has come to light that they are sibling offspring from the same litter. But instead of just playing with other dogs as they normally would, have a look at this.”

There is considerable disagreement as to whether or not Monty and Rosie were related or whether or not they were merely happy to meet one other at the park with their respective canine companions. In any case, despite the uncertainty, we and the other users of Twitter like the heartwarming reunion and would like to think that the two puppies truly did remember one other.

We are relieved to learn that the owners of the two canines will make it a priority to ensure that they spend time together on a regular basis. Killip said that further communication will be maintained. “[It’s] a little bit challenging right now, but after this whole thing is finished, we’ll be taking doggie walks together,” you may say.

What a lovely little tale! We had no idea that a regular stroll with the dogs would turn into an unexpected get-together with the family.

By Anna

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