The gift of sight is one that people often fail to appreciate. How, for instance, would you explain the color red to someone who was blind? What comes to mind when you think of things like flowers, the sky, or the ocean? Nevertheless, there is still a chance. If they are candidates for eye surgery, individuals who are legally blind may regain their vision in certain cases. The even better news is that it is not just humans who may regain their sight; animals can do it as well! This privileged Irish Terrier was able to see the process of regaining his vision, and the dog’s overjoyed expression tells it all.

Duffy, a sweet Irish Terrier that was rescued, has had a lot of hardships in terms of his physical condition throughout the years. He was diagnosed with diabetes, and as a result of the disease, he eventually had vision loss. Duffy’s diabetes was able to be brought under control with the aid of medicine, but he was never the same after losing his sight. I can’t even begin to fathom what it must have been like for him to go from being able to see his cherished family one day to being unable to see anything, much alone their faces, at all. I can only picture how he must have felt.

To our great relief, Duffy met the requirements to have an eye procedure that would allow him to regain his vision. It was wonderful news for this extremely respectful young man. The decision to have Duffy undergo the procedure wasn’t even a question for Duffy’s family. The Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania was responsible for both his medical care and surgical procedures.

In a very astonishing video, Duffy is shown waking up after surgery and seeing his people after being apart from them for a period of many weeks. You can tell that Duffy is overjoyed and thrilled to see his family for the first time in what seems like months by the rapidity with which his tail is wagging one thousand miles per hour. In point of fact, he is so ecstatic that he begins to make little, high-pitched screams, which is his own personal method of expressing delight in the form of tears. It is a sight that genuinely warms the heart and moves the soul to take in.

The veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Kumrow, was able to assist Duffy in managing his diabetes. Dr. Brady Beale performed the operation on him as soon as he was stable enough for it. It is impossible to imagine this opportunity being bestowed to a more worthy dog than the one that was bestowed upon it as a result of the collaborative efforts of the two veterinarians.

Take a look at this cute little scenario down below:

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