A mask is optional for some of the heroes. Some of them are covered in fur and have tails that can wag. Kuno, a military K9, went above and beyond the call of duty by placing his own life in danger in order to rescue the lives of his fellow troops. The Belgian Malinois, who is now 4 years old and has a prosthetic limb in addition to his brace, has been retired, but he has never felt more alive.

Kuno went above and beyond the scope of his responsibilities, and his hard work was not in vain. As a reward for enduring extensive medical operations, Kuno was given the Dickin Medal, which is the highest honor that can be bestowed in the British armed forces. Because of all the effort, he has put in and his dedication, he deserves it more than anybody else.

The book Kuno’s Sacrifice tells the tale of a little child called Kuno who makes a sacrifice.
Kuno was successful in completing a number of missions, but the last one he did would go down in history as a failure. He provided support to British soldiers as they were conducting an operation on an al-Qaeda facility. On the other hand, highly armed troops immediately encircled the soldiers and began firing machine guns and throwing grenades at them. When Kuno saw that his people were in danger, he did the one and only thing he could think of to free them.

The assault force was unable to go forward without sustaining losses because they were pinned down by a grenade that was thrown by an insurgent as well as machine gun fire. According to what Maj. Sherrain Reber wrote, “Kuno rushed into a shower of gunfire to take out the shooter, breaking the standoff and diverting the attack, which allowed the operation to be completed successfully.”

Kuno was able to rescue the troops who were fighting for his side, but in the process, he suffered terrible injuries. His back legs, particularly his thighs, were peppered with gunshot holes. As a direct consequence of this, he required prompt medical treatment and was thus taken to the United States Army Veterinary Treatment Facility. They were successful in preserving his life, but in order to do so, they had to amputate one of his hind paws.

Currently, Kuno has a prosthetic arm attached to one of his hind legs, and he wears a brace on the other of his hind legs. He was the first Military Working Dog in the United Kingdom to be equipped with a prosthetic limb that was specifically molded to match his body. As a result of his injuries, he also took early retirement, but since then, he has been taken in by a loving family. He may now experience the joys of a normal dog’s existence, which include being showered with affection and having plenty of opportunities to run and play.

In recognition of Kuno’s bravery, the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals bestowed upon him the Dickin Medal. Since it was first given out in 1943, he is the 72nd animal to be honored with receiving it. There are also four horses, one cat, and 35 dogs among the recipients, in addition to 32 World War II messenger pigeons.

“I couldn’t be happier to hear that Kuno has been selected to receive the PDSA Dickin Medal. Ben Wallace, the Secretary of Defense for the United Kingdom, said that the fact that he was able to rescue lives on that day is a credit to his training, unflinching bravery, and dedication to his mission. “I am quite proud of the contribution that our military working dogs do in both local and foreign missions,” said the commander. The story of Kuno serves as a reminder of the lengths that these creatures are willing to go to in order to secure human safety.

Kuno, I congratulate you! His selflessness, sacrifice, and bravery will live on in enduring remembrance. We can only hope that he is making the most of his retirement by spending quality time with his family. After all, he has worked hard for it.

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