Because this little cockatiel likes his feline companion so much, you have to get his permission before petting the feline companion.

Whoever suggested that birds and cats couldn’t get along was clearly wrong. Take a look at the cute video below to see Tiko, a cockatiel, and Marley, a cat, who are good friends.

When Tiko offers Marley teeny-weeny kisses or even nuzzles her lips, Marley doesn’t flinch an eye or a paw in protest.

Another adorable video of the two of them together can be seen here. Tiko had a lot of energy and wanted to play with Marley, but Marley didn’t want to give up his nap time, which was bad since Tiko wanted to play with Marley.

Marley continued to wiggle about on the bed with his eyes closed as he played with Tiko’s whiskers and periodically gave him a little nudge.

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