The pictures of “the goodest boy in the world,” who has been collecting sticks for as long as he has been able to, have taken the internet by storm, and they feature him proudly posing next to his most prized possessions. “The goodest boy in the world” has been collecting sticks for as long as he has been able to.

One day, a significant snowstorm in the area surrounding his house dumped around 12 inches of snow on the ground, which prevented him from going outside.

At the moment, he just had a single stick, and it was his all-time favorite.

One evening that would forever change everything, when there was still a significant amount of snow covering the ground. Bruce realized that he had left his stick in the field outside, but he was unable to track it down despite his frantic and dogged efforts to locate it.

He used every possible resource in his quest to locate it, and eventually, after the snow had melted away enough, he came upon his prized walking stick.

He must have made a solemn pledge right then and there that he would never be without a stick again, and as a result, he started his collection, which is now rather extensive.

His collection of sticks currently numbers over 50, but none of them are used for playing; rather, they are kept solely for the sake of collecting.

The reason for this is because he played one game of fetch incorrectly, which resulted in his having a perforated esophagus and nearly costing him his life.

After that moment, Bruce never played fetch with anything other than a rubber stick.

When questioned about his feelings towards Bruce’s recent rise to popularity, Leo responded as follows:

“Should I be shocked that Bruce has become such a phenomenon on the internet? Never in a million years. He is the shining star in my life and a genuinely one-of-a-kind canine, which is why I am proud of him more than anything else.

He is the cheese that goes with my macaroni, the peanut butter that goes with my jelly, and the moon that shines above my stars.

By Elen

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