This young girl and her cat have taken the Internet by storm with their hidden relationship, and it’s easy to understand why. Kids and their animal pals have long presented situations that are both uplifting and adorable. After a video of the two endearing individuals was uploaded to the internet, it quickly went viral. People just can’t get over how adorable it is when the little girl, who is only four years old, is shown in the video reading a tale to her closest pals before going to bed.

Abby and Bailey, her feline pet, have been the best of friends from the beginning of their relationship. Since the newborn baby girl was brought into the world, the senior cat has taken on the role of a watchful elder sister. In return, Abby gave the loving cat plenty of affection and cuddles on a consistent basis. But despite the fact that they spent most of their time together, the two of them have developed a distinct pattern.

It turns out that Abby enjoys sharing her favorite songs or tales with her best pal. But what’s even more interesting is the way Bailey listens to his younger sister as though he fully comprehends what she says. Abby’s mother made the decision to record the two of them together on camera since the times that they spend together seem to be nothing short of an excess of sweetness. However, she never would have thought that the video that broke people’s hearts would have such a tremendous effect online.

Following its first dissemination on Twitter, the cute video quickly gained widespread attention, leading millions of people to fall in love with the endearing pair. The video shows the two pals snuggling on the sofa together, and as Abby is reading a tale, the girl’s soothing voice seems to greatly soothe Bailey, who is nestled comfortably in the girl’s arms. As his human buddy continues to read to him, the cat comes dangerously close to falling asleep.

Erin’s and now Abby’s lives have both been shaped in some manner by the presence of the old Bailey. Over a decade ago, while the girl’s mother was still a student in college, she made the decision to adopt him. In the meanwhile, Bailey went away, but the great relationship that he had with Abby and the sweet moments that they had together will go on forever!

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