Some stray dogs may experience such severe stress from living on the streets that they are unable to trust people.

People experience fear and caution while others are around since they can’t be sure they won’t suffer damage.

It is upsetting because no animal should ever feel as if they won’t ever be loved or cared for.

Thankfully, there are groups of kind individuals working to save lost and abandoned animals in need of some love and compassion.

Amber, a young dog, had definitely been thrown a curveball by life. When her owner died away, the tiny dog was heartbroken and abandoned. As a consequence, Amber had been living alone in the empty house for many months.

It should come as no surprise that Amber struggled with trust difficulties when Howl Of A Dog arrived to assist. The dog was called into the rescue to assist get her out after someone saw her living in the yard of the abandoned house. However, Amber was much too timid and cautious to approach them. However, the rescuers from Howl Of A Dog were not going to give up that simply.

They were determined to save Amber. After considerable effort, the 3-year-old puppy was brought inside the house where she was eventually captured.

Amber was in bad condition when they had to rescue her. She had ticks all over her fur. Babesiosis was a condition that Amber also had. Amber was lucky to be in capable hands and able to get the medical care she needed.

Watch the video below…

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