A homeless and exhausted dog that was searching for a warm place to rest made the decision to lie down on newly poured asphalt because he was hoping to find shelter there.

Unfortunately, the dog did not become aware that he was being held captive until he began howling for help. The dog was loudly barking for assistance, and the nearby employees were able to hear him pleading for assistance.

When they arrived to the location and spotted the dog, they immediately dialed the number for Joanna Godlewska of the Niczyje Animal Foundation.

The brave beast was able to peel his nose out from the tar, which restored his ability to bark and breathe normally.

Animal rescue workers, with the assistance of local fire departments and police agencies, carefully stripped the dog’s hair of its undercoat. The crew was finally successful in extracting the dead dog’s corpse from the tar!

After that, the owner took the dog to the veterinarian so that it could be inspected and treated with medicine for its exhaustion. Nearly one hundred ticks were removed from his body in total.

After many showers had successfully cleaned any leftover tar from the dog’s hair and paws, the animal was rewarded with a comfortable bed and a hot breakfast. To our great relief, the dog began to feel better, and we were also able to cure the little sores that had appeared on his head.

The cute puppy, who has been given the name Farcik, is beginning to take his first steps and will remain with the people who rescued him until he has fully recovered. Once his health has been restored to its previous state, he will be put up for adoption. We have high hopes that he will regain his full health and locate a loving home where he may stay forever.

By Elen

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