There are those individuals who, without a shadow of a doubt, see their mission in life as that of providing assistance to stray animals. This is the situation of Danielle Eden and Rob Scheinberg, an Israeli couple who have always had a profound affection for canines.

Danielle spent her childhood in Israel, where she bred dogs from a very young age and often got rescue animals from a shelter that was located close to her home. After meeting Rob in the nation where he was born, she and he made the decision to go to Canada with their four dogs that they had rescued from the street.

The pair’s canine companions served as motivation for them to assist strays and abandoned animals. That is exactly how they started Dog Tales Rescue and Shelter, which is located on a ranch that spans fifty acres in the province of Ontario in the east-central part of Canada. The rescue and rehabilitation of a large number of stray and abandoned canines is the mission of the sanctuary.

In remembrance of their own pets, the couple makes regular trips to Israel in order to rescue stray and abandoned dogs and bring them to Canada, where they are given a second chance at a joyful life.

However, it was on a visit not too long ago that the pair were confronted with an improbable choice that ultimately led to a fantastic one! The story was published on the main Facebook page for Dog Stories Rescue and Sanctuary.

The pair claims that on each of their visits to Israel, they always make sure to stop by the local sanctuaries and compile lists of anywhere between ten and twenty dogs that they want to adopt. They are always looking for the most difficult situations conceivable, such as senior dogs, dogs with impairments, and dogs who have genuinely been looking for a home for many years, for example. “Making these lists is tough, but it’s typically pretty evident which pets need our support the most,” said Danielle. “There are so many dogs who are in need of our assistance.”

In the earlier part of the year, they were compelled to go to a sanctuary where we had truly never gone before. She was surprised by the circumstances of the place, despite being accustomed to seeing canines who remained in a terrible state. According to her, saying that the shelter was full to capacity would be grossly understating the situation. Over two hundred fifty dogs were crowded into a space that was only supposed to hold seventy of them altogether.

Each cage contained six canines, all of whom were engaged in a vicious struggle over the pieces of bread that comprised their daily diet. “Rats were everywhere, and the dogs, the majority of whom had really been there for years, were afraid.”

The pair had never before experienced a situation in which they were unable to identify the dog that need their assistance the most. As a result, the couple had no choice but to purchase the sanctuary in order to preserve all of the dogs who were barely holding on to live there.

” Over the course of the last two months, 90 animals have been moved to safer shelters in Israel. 25 have already arrived in Canada after making the journey there. 150 remain. According to the report he gave, “we organized a team in Israel to clean up the shelter and make it much more pleasant for the canines until we have space to transfer them here.”

During their time in Israel, the dogs will be cared for by veterinarians who will address any pressing health concerns they may have. Every day, the crew will spend time with the dogs, working with them to socialize them and re-establish their confidence in humans. Because of the kind couple, the dogs will at long last enjoy a life that is suited for them while they wait to be adopted.

Before Danielle and Rob came, the shelter remained in the deteriorating and terrible scenario that is seen in the video that is described below and which was also shared on the shelter’s Facebook page. Look:

In conclusion, he states that “with time, with patience, and with love, we know that their expressions will change.”

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