After the loss of the late model Anna Nicole Smith, her baby daughter Dannielynn was raised without a mother or father until a court ruling established differently.

It has been 15 years since the tragic loss of actress Anna Nicole Smith, who was only mother to her daughter Dannielynn at the time of her passing. Because she was left behind without a publicly verified father, the future of her kid seemed to be filled with uncertainty at the time.

Larry Birkhead, a photographer located in Los Angeles, had to go to court in order to fight for his paternity rights and demonstrate that he was Dannielynn’s biological father.

While Smith was pregnant with their child, she and Birkhead were involved in a romantic relationship. He said that there was a time when he went with her to her medical visits. However, after what was described as a “small quarrel,” the couple decided to no longer live together.

In September of 2006, Smith visited a medical facility in the Bahamas to give birth to her daughter. During the same time period, she was in a relationship with the attorney Howard K. Stern.

Stern was officially recorded as Dannielynn’s father on her birth certificate when the new mother gave birth to their child. After that, Smith passed away under sad circumstances, leaving a full-blown legal dispute over the paternity of her kid.

In order to determine who was the biological father of the kid in question, Birkhead and Stern squared off against one another in court. Both guys held out great expectations that they may be the biological father of the child.

Stern said on CCN’s “Larry King Live” in the same month that Dannielynn was brought into the world that he and Smith were certain that the kid was his:

“Given the sequence of events surrounding the birth of the kid, there is absolutely no question in either one of our minds.”

Even Zsa Zsa Gabor’s ninth husband, Fredric Prinz Von Anhalt, was certain that he was the biological father of their child. However, in order to establish that fact first, the court mandated that a swab be taken from Dannielynn, who was only seven months old at the time, so that DNA could be analyzed.

The findings of the test, which were done by Dr. Michael Baird and given to the court by the same name, unequivocally established Birkhead as Dannielynn’s biological father. The probability of this assertion was 99.9 percent.

Stern, who had been living with the kid in Nassau in the Bahamas, acknowledged the findings and declared that he would do all in his power to guarantee that Birkhead obtained full custody of his daughter:

“I have decided not to engage in a custody battle with Larry Birkhead. We are going to use all of our resources to ensure that Dannielynn’s needs are met in the manner that is in her best interest. And I am going to do all in my power to ensure that he is awarded exclusive custody of the child.”

The attorney, who was situated in California, also recommended that Birkhead stop by his house at any time and spend some quality time with the attorney’s only child.

After it was established that he was Dannielynn’s biological father, the entertainment reporter said in April 2007 that there was no need for the two of them to share custody of Dannielynn. This comment was made after an attorney representing Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur, who is separated from her son, hinted that she could sue for custody of him.

But Birkhead had already reached his limit with the number of legal fights, and he said that he did not want to continue to fight in court. The native of Louisville remarked that he had no problem with relatives who wanted to see the infant and become a part of her life.

Birkhead said on the “TODAY” program that he would draw the line when it came to the issue of custody due to the fact that it would give the impression that he was “unfit” for the position of a parent:

“It would give the impression that I’m not cut out to be a parent, which is not the case at all. I am excited to provide Dannielynn with all she needs, as well as all of the love and support that she deserves.”

On February 8, 2007, his former fiancĂ©e passed away after suffering an accidental overdose of drugs. At the time, Smith and Birkhead’s daughter was set to receive millions of dollars from the estate of the late oil magnate Howard Marshall II, who had been married to her mother. Birkhead was Smith’s stepfather.

The unexpected loss of the former Playboy Playmate occurred when she was engaged in a court battle for the aforementioned bequest.

While Smith sought a career in Hollywood as a model and actor, her daughter discovered a new path of interest within the creative arts. Birkhead revealed this information to TMZ in May 2021. He said that Dannielynn had been given a large number of modeling jobs and parts in movies over the years, but she had declined all of them.

The excited father shared the news that he had gotten a phone call in which he was asked whether he and his daughter would be open to appearing in an upcoming horror film. Even though he and the adolescent had not yet turned down the offer, they had every intention of doing so due to the fact that she had no interest in performing.

Birkhead said that his daughter does not even have a manager or a modeling portfolio, which is evidence that she is not taking into consideration any proposals from prominent companies or film producers.

In the world of music, Dannielynn intends to blaze her own own. Notably, both she and her father have a deep appreciation for the music of Janet Jackson. The father and daughter combination went to the singer’s performance in Ohio in July 2022 and were able to have a picture taken with the multi-platinum recording artist backstage.

At the Kentucky Derby in May 2022, Dannielynn also met Bon Jovi rockstar Richie Sambora, who volunteered to give her free guitar lessons anytime she visited Los Angeles. Richie Sambora made this offer to Dannielynn.

According to a source who spoke to People, the young woman collapsed after hearing that the musician had volunteered to give her individual lessons. In addition to this, she is honing her skills on the musical instrument since she has aspirations of being a professional musician someday:

“Richie was very special to Dannielynn, and she wanted very much for her father to purchase the guitar that was being auctioned off, but the bidding reached $75,000. When Richie promised to teach her to play the guitar, she passed out from excitement.”

Birkhead claims that his daughter is musically inclined in the same way that her mother was when she was little. “Like her mother, Dannielynn enjoys a wide variety of musical genres and styles. She enjoys a wide variety of music, from country to rap to rock. When it comes to her musical preferences, she has something of an antique air about her. The same might be said of Anna’s musical preferences: “he clarified in the course of a conversation with Rolling Stone.

When Birkhead and his daughter went to the Barnstable-Brown Gala in Cincinnati, he uploaded some pictures from the event on social media, and viewers were quick to comment on how much his daughter resembled her own mother. They also brought up the fact that she and her father had a connection.

The father of one stated in a text message that he and his daughter Dannielynn were “Heading off to Dannielynn’s second Janet Jackson performance (my millionth) in Cincinnati while we sit here fighting who one of us is the greater Janet fan.”

Instagram users remarked on the photo, noting that Dannielynn had a hybrid appearance that was a product of both of her parents. “She has a striking resemblance to you, but she clearly possesses Anna’s traits as well. Excellent work in bringing up her father, “added one guy.

One more person gushed over Dannielynn, exclaiming, “She’s so lovely, and she looks exactly like her mom!” Someone other pointed out that she resembles her father. Although one person on social media said that the child is developing wonderfully, “She is adorable in the clothing that she is wearing. It is plain to see that she is developing into a gorgeous young girl.”

Additionally, one person brought out the close relationship that existed between the father and daughter: “Beautiful connection. Have fun at the concert!” A second individual lauded Dannielynn’s choice of attire and said that she may one day become a “future fashion designer.”

Following the occasion, people on Instagram remarked on a photograph that Birkhead had posted with himself, Jackson, and Dannielynn. “Wonderful! You are the greatest father ever! Anna is looking down and beaming at the two of you “said one user.

Another person gushed over Dannielynn’s features, calling her “iconic” and comparing her to Anna in terms of her stunning beauty. A single person who shared the same views commented as follows: “I am overjoyed that you were all able to meet together! She is starting to resemble Anna more and more!”

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