The staff members were certain that the lovely youngster would be adopted very quickly after seeing the dog’s joyful demeanor and his tendency to provide extra-long snuggles. However, Drools has already been at the sanctuary for a record span of almost 720 days, and there is still little possibility of him finding a home any time soon. This is a record that will never be broken.

Kacey Widetich, an employee at “Relay For Rescue,” has been caring for Drools for the last few months, and she believes that one of the reasons why he has been missed all this time is because there has been a lack of exposure to him. It’s possible that another reason for Drools’ “undesirability” is the fact that he has to be the sole pet in a family since he becomes uneasy when he’s among other animals, such cats and dogs.

Drools’ mental health has suffered significantly as a consequence of the many rejections that he has experienced. The normally upbeat and joyful dog has started experiencing unique feelings of loneliness, depression, and helplessness over the course of the previous three months. Kacey was quick to recognize the diminishing stimulus given off by the canine. She has begun to spend the nights at Drools’ kennel in an effort to make him feel secure and appreciated by her presence there.

The animal shelter is so desperate that they have actually turned to the general public in the hopes of finding Drools the right home. Drools is wary of total strangers at first, but once he develops a friendship with someone, he is very loyal and kind toward them. He is kind and kind with young people and finds enjoyment in work that is not very taxing for him.

Please get in touch with the Conour Animal Shelter or Relay For Rescue if you believe Drools may be the right dog for you. In addition, the Conour Animal Sanctuary is holding a fundraising event to assist not just Drools but also the other canines now housed at the shelter in leading happy lives and finding loving homes. Visit the Conour Animal Shelter’s GoFundMe page here if you would like to make a contribution to their ongoing fundraising effort. Let’s get the word out about Drools and do everything we can to find him a home where he can stay forever!

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