It’s been said that a dog is the only creature on the planet that will love you more than he loves himself. “Hounds will follow those who feed them,” the proverb says. “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they complete our lives in every way,” said one dog owner.

“Each and every dog will have his day, unless, of course, he loses his tail; in that case, he has a weak end.” In the video that can be seen above, a group of kind-hearted people rescues six abandoned pups that were living on railroad tracks while their mother was abroad.

According to the information provided by the train driver, two people are going to investigate that region in the hopes of finding it.

After a significant amount of time spent looking, they discover the mother dog laying next to the train track and realize that she has passed away. There is no sign of the mother dog.

There are six pupies, and two of them are laying quite close to their mother. in order for them to locate them quickly. And also receive all six pups.

By Anna

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