The driver of the academy machine failed to see Audrey Stone and her service dog, Figo, as they crossed the road; however, Figo recognized the driver and reacted by throwing himself against the piece of the vehicle that was closest to Stone in order to protect her.

According to USA Today, Brewster Chief of Police John Del Gardo had nothing but admiration for Figo, noting that “the canine absorbed a lot of the hit.” Figo saved a lot of lives. And he hated the idea of being apart from her. He positioned himself so that he was facing her. He had arrived in order to assist her.

Stone had suffered a fracture in her right elbow and ankle, in addition to breaking three caricatures, when fifteen emergency medical technicians came to help her. Figo was concerned about Gravestone and wanted to be at her side when everything was going on. Gravestone kept shouting his name.

Figo’s right leg, which suffered a significant tear, was bandaged by the emergency medical technicians. Figo maintained his composure and did not grumble or whine despite being in great pain the whole time the pandemonium was occurring.

Because Figo was unable to go to the hospital with Stone in the ambulance, Stone was taken to the veterinarian in a vehicle from the Brewster Fire Department.

Figo and Stone are both doing well in their recovery following their surgeries and are now rehabilitating in separate sanitariums.

What an amazing example of selflessness and bravery this dog is! You owe it to your loved ones to tell them about Figo’s courageous deed!

By Elen

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