Eric was forced to rescue the kind-hearted giant when he was discovered by a dog walker in the park. On Monday, Eric Mouse was strolling around Prospect Park with two of his customers, Judah and Lily, when he came upon a huge dog walking beside the third person. It was a bull that had been tied to a tree and a message had been attached to it.

During his stroll around the park, a dog walker stumbles across a gentle giant standing next to a tree with a letter attached to it.

“Take me home. I’m a beautiful dog. My age is seven years old. Don’t let my size intimidate you. I’m lovely.” When Eric approached the other two dogs, the hole didn’t budge an inch in response to his approach. She was just the kindest, sweetest bitch that there was, so Eric went on Facebook and posted a picture of Mamas on a neighborhood group, asking for advice and assistance, and within minutes, people started to respond to his post.

The dog walker was aware that he needed to take action of some kind, but he was at a loss as to what. The owner of Mamas, who appeared to care for her at least a little bit, gave up on her, and Prospect Park is not a place where it is safe for a dog to be by itself. They were able to go to Sean Casey Animal Rescue thanks to the help of a kind Samaritan who saw them near the tree and made arrangements for a vehicle to pick them up outside the park. A neighboring shelter offered a safe haven for mothers who needed it.

Together, they exited the garden, although she had to go slowly since she was carrying him. She was unable to walk at a regular rate because of her size and it was conceivable that she had a bladder infection. They demanded payment from her in order to transport her to safety, and once she arrived, her reluctance seemed to have entirely vanished. It would seem that the mother was prepared to move on since she jumped out of the vehicle and made straight towards the shelter. When I saw that she was okay, I felt relieved.

Moms must be in excellent health and remain in the facility for the necessary waiting time before she will be allowed to move permanently into her house.

However, for the time being, all that matters to Mamas is that he is at the park and surrounded by people who care about him. Eric is well aware that whomever is fortunate enough to acquire a sweet female will end up with a wonderful companion animal.

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