On March 19, well-known actor Bruce Willis will be 67 years old. The disappointing news put the brakes on the joyous celebrations of the loyal supporters. There are lots of rumors that Bruce may soon call it quits in his professional life. According to Willis’s family, he is now experiencing the early stages of dementia.

In addition to having problems remembering his lines, Bruce is seldom seen walking around the set. The guy has major problems with his memory, thus he is required to wear an earbud while he is being videotaped.

The filmmakers have voiced their concern that working with Bruce is difficult. In recent years, the actor has been seen in a variety of unremarkable films, despite the fact that he has not been offered leading parts.

However, supporters of the aging Bruce expressed their admiration for the actor in the comments. Even to this day, they can’t stop gushing over their gorgeous celebrity. Our only reasonable expectation is that he will maintain his strength during this ordeal.

By Elen

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