Mr. Mujtahid, who was 30 years old at the time, saw a little cat clinging for dear life on the concrete barricades and felt he had to assist it.

In spite of the fact that he was unable to use his legs in any way, he mustered up the courage to get himself out of the chair and dash down the steep grassy bank in order to save the helpless cat.

The moment Mr. Mujtahid went down into the sewer to collect the cat was captured on tape by Mr. Mujtahid’s companion, who is additionally crippled.

After Mr. Mujtahid’s first search in the drain turned up negative results since he was located too far from the cat, he readjusted his position and tried once again to find it.

Finally, he is able to gently catch the kitten and carry it away from the danger of the storm drain and into the grassy area where it would be safe.

As soon as the cat is in a secure location, Mr. Mujtahid goes back up the grass, but before he can get into his chair, he must first let the little cat go.

The cat uses this opportunity to make its way, most likely back to its home, by running up the grass and over the street.

By Elen

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