Everyone who has seen photographs of the starving dog’s sad eyes that Stray Rescue of St. Louis rescued on Thanksgiving has been brought to tears by the experience. A kind Samaritan was out on her daily walk when she came across a starving dog at a park near to her home. The dog was so weak that it was unable to stand on its own.

The kind-hearted lady brought the puppy into her house, then feigned that she needed help and phoned the Stray Rescue organization in St. Louis. There was an immediate influx of volunteers.

“We decided to give this unfortunate angel the name Hadley, and she is in need of your prayers. She has almost starved to death and is now in no condition to deal with anybody. The charitable group shared on their Facebook page the heartbreaking photos of the starving dog nervously staring up at her rescuers. Along with the photos, they included the following statement: “Hopefully we got her in time to spread this around.”

It is laborious just educating her head, and Hadley is being fed very slowly with very little quantities of food – this is something that may continue for the next several weeks. “Dear Hadley, we are feeling very sorry for you because of all that you have been through. Your concerned expression reveals all to us…

By Elen

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