Introduce yourself to Serenity, the rescued dog that suffered from a massive tumor on her face. She doesn’t look like the other dogs, but she has an incredible personality and the energy of a lively puppy. Despite the fact that she doesn’t look like the other dogs.

The fact that she looks a certain way does not prevent her from having a positive attitude. The Siberian Husky, who is now 4 years old, is at long last receiving the attention she so well deserves.

Before she was adopted, Serenity was a stray who lived in San Antonio, Texas. Her peculiar look made it impossible for her to obtain a permanent residence. Because of this, she was taken all the way to Dallas in Texas.

After learning more about Serenity, Patti Dawson made the decision to take her in as a foster child. Dawson said that the dog was in a good mood and even showered her with affection in the form of kisses. The unfortunate truth is that Dawson does not know how much time Serenity has left.

According to the veterinarian who examined Serenity, the tumor has broken down several of the bones in her face. She is still able to breathe on her own and consume food despite the fact that the tumor extended beyond her eye sockets and into the skull. Even though she hasn’t shown any symptoms of discomfort, some people who like dogs believe that Serenity is suffering.

She won’t stop caring for Dawson and providing her with the best life she can, despite the fact that the veterinarian didn’t have good news for her.

As a result, Dawson made the decision to treat her like a princess by providing her with mouthwatering meals and several opportunities for fun. She went so far as to set up a picture shoot for Serenity in the hopes of inspiring others to make financial contributions for her medical treatment.

Renee Dowhaniuk, who specializes in photographing animals, produced some breathtaking photographs of Serenity. When images of her were posted online, a large number of individuals immediately offered to assist her in any way they could.

Numerous individuals sent financial contributions for Serenity’s medical expenses, while others dispatched three hundred care packages filled with treats for her. She is now quite thrilled each time she receives a package in the mail. She has every right to be treated like a princess!

Dawson is going to make sure that Serenity has the finest life possible, despite the fact that it is uncertain how much time Serenity has left.

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