After the lady from the Screeven region of Georgia placed her dog inside the trash cans, the camera she was using was identified and logged as having been in the area.

Before he eventually drives away, the footage shows him getting into his vehicle, unlocking the back door, and lugging the box to the garbage can. The small dog seems to be disoriented and frightened, and as a result, he approaches the next individuals that come into view.

According to Jacqueline Simon Roberts, 30, who lives in Sylvania, Georgia, Screven County Animal Control reached out to the Screven County Sheriff’s Office to ask for help in locating the lady in charge of the shelter.

He was taken into custody, charged with cruelty to animals, and a pet was left behind. After some time had passed, the lady was eventually freed on bail awaiting the outcome of additional legal actions.

According to the Facebook page of the Screven County Sheriff’s Office, the dog has been removed and will be cared for until he finds a permanent home.

Sheriff Mike Kyle wants to stress to the public that abandoning an unwanted animal is never a wise idea.

According to what Keele shared with the WTOC, “He had choices accessible to him, but he did not take any of them.” They were in attendance. Simply put, he refused to take them. Why? Only God is aware of this. However, putting an animal through the pain that it endured serves no useful purpose.

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