A video of a homeless pregnant pit bull was recently shared on the internet. Hope For Paws volunteers helped the mother pit bull give birth and took care of the puppies afterward. This video quickly caught the attention of millions of people all over the world. Everyone prayed for her and hoped she and her puppies would soon find new homes where they would be loved.

The story starts with a good Samaritan who saw the pit pull who was very pregnant and called the rescue team. She took a picture of the dog and sent it to Hope For Paws, an animal rescue group in her area. Katie and JoAnn, two kind volunteers, took this dog to the vet right away.

They gave her the name Waffles, gave her a shower, and took her to get an ultrasound. The vet thought that Waffles had been pregnant for more than 51 days. She is about to have a litter of six or seven puppies. JoAnn decided to take her home to help her give birth. After just a few hours, Waffles had her first puppy, Pancake, followed by Beignet, Doughnut, Hashbrown, and Croissant. She was very grateful that she gave birth safely and that all of her puppies were healthy.

She and her babies have found a new happy home. Before she moved, she thanked the volunteers at Hope For Paws, who had helped her through the hardest time of her life.

Click here to watch the video:

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