Donnie Wahlberg, a member of the band New Kids on the Block, was a guest on “The Jenny McCarthy Show” in March 2013. He had no idea how much that day would change his life.

As we’ve come to expect from most talk shows, host Jenny McCarthy carefully chose what they would talk about, but they ended up talking in a cheeky way about what they do in bed.

Wahlberg couldn’t help but smile when McCarthy asked him what kind of pillow talk he does. He and his ex-wife Kim Fey had been married for nine years before they split up.

McCarthy asked Wahlberg if he talks dirty during sex, and he laughed and said that he does. When McCarthy said that some guys do it wrong, Wahlberg laughed again and said that he does bad talk very well.

All of this happened while the two sucked on lollipops and looked at each other. It was clear from watching them that there was some lovable tension between them.

After the show was over, McCarthy sent Wahlberg a tweet thanking him for being on the show and saying she couldn’t wait for people to watch them get to first base live on TV.

There was gossip that Wahlberg and McCarthy were seeing each other a few weeks after he was on the show. Most people were not shocked by the news, though, because of how well they got along on the show.

Also, there was nothing stopping them from getting together. Wahlberg was no longer together with his ex-wife Kim Fey, with whom he had two children, Xavier Alexander, and Elijah Hendrix. In 2008, they split up.

McCarthy dated comedian Jim Carey for more than five years before they broke up. She also has a son, Evan, from a previous relationship.

Evan, McCarthy’s son, was diagnosed with autism, a disorder of how the brain grows and works when he was only two years old. Kids with these kinds of conditions often have trouble communicating or acting in a socially appropriate way.

But the problems with McCarthy’s son didn’t stop her relationship with Wahlberg from getting stronger. She even talked about it when she was on the “Bethenny Show”.

The host of the show said she would marry Wahlberg if he ever asked her.

McCarthy said she hadn’t gone out on a date in a year because she was determined to turn down any advances. But if someone was able to get past her defenses, she would keep the relationship going.

McCarthy said she made the first move by giving Wahlberg her phone number. She also said that even though she had said she wouldn’t get married again, it wasn’t impossible.

After showing her ring to her fellow hosts, the mother of one jumped up and down with joy live on TV. She then went on to tell how everything had happened.

She says that she and Wahlberg were sitting together when he got up and took her son Evan into another room. The little boy then came back out and gave her a card that said “Will.”

Evan ran away and came back with a second “You” card. McCarthy said that she started crying at this point, and Evan then came in with another card that said “Marry” but was misspelled.

When Wahlberg finally showed up with the word “Me” written on his shirt and got down on one knee to pop the question, she already knew what was going on. McCarthy said:

“Of course, I said ‘Yes’. When Evan yelled, “I have another dad!” we all started crying.”

The host was happy and said she felt like the luckiest girl in the world because she was going to marry Wahlberg. On August 31, 2014, they got married in St. Charles, Illinois, Chicago. They walked down the aisle and kissed at the altar. In a romantic 20-minute wedding ceremony, Wahlberg and McCarthy said their vows to each other in front of 90 guests.

Since they got married, Wahlberg and McCarthy’s relationship has grown stronger. The singer also has a strong bond with her son Evan, who is now an adult.

Wahlberg said that his wife is a great wife and stepmom and that she also made him a great Thanksgiving dinner.

The singer also said that his sons get along well with McCarthy and that he gets along well with Evan as well. Evan is very affectionate and will tell you how he feels, which is different from his sons.

McCarthy gets to talk about smart things with Wahlberg’s sons, and Wahlberg has a special bond with Evan. When it was his stepson’s birthday, the singer would post on social media to wish him a happy birthday.

The couple has learned different ways to connect with and live with their kids, and everything is going well. McCarthy, for her part, is also happy with how their relationship has turned out. In the interview, she told the truth:

“I can’t even come close to putting into words what I’m feeling. I’m most grateful for how much he loves me no matter what. Not just for me, but also for my son. Is there anyone out there, especially since my son and I both have special needs and this Romeo came along and swept us both off our feet?”

Evan helped his mother and stepfather get together, and if you look at his Instagram posts, it seems like he has found his soulmate.

He always posts about a girl named Natalie Isabella and talks about her in glowing terms on his Instagram. In many of the posts, he even calls her “My Princess.”

Evan’s love for Natalie was shown in one of the posts by a beautiful picture of the two of them. He wrote some sweet things about their relationship in the caption. Evan wrote:

“This beautiful, wonderful woman made me feel so good inside. She is the one I love the most. She will always be my true love. Because she has a great soul, she gave me a big heart. I love my baby so much.”

In another post, Evan told Natalie how happy he was for her that she had just graduated from St. Charles East High School. He told her how proud he was of what she had done.

The pictures of them together on their social media make them look so happy, and we can only wish them the best. After making sure his mom was happy for the rest of her life, everyone agrees that Evan should be happy too.

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