When a cat wants hugs and cuddles from you, it’s basically showing you that it loves and trusts you. And of course, even the police can’t say no to cuddling with these sweet and cute cats.

Last week, some Polish police officers were sent to the scene of a small car accident. One of the officers was sitting in his patrol car with the door open and writing a report when a friendly stray cat jumped in and asked for love and attention.

It was obvious that the cat saw her chance and took it right away. She didn’t care about the cop’s efforts to handle the paperwork; she just wanted to get what she wanted. The police officer never thought that a stray cat would turn into a cuddly bug when she met a stranger.

“The cat tried to stop a police officer from handling a collision,” Slaska Police wrote. “The animal didn’t have a collar, but it is very friendly and likes to give people hugs.”

The police officers saw that the cat had been abandoned, so they decided to take her in and keep her safe. The cat’s cuteness had won them over. Her plan had worked.

A local rescue group shared the cat’s information in case her family is looking for her. In the meantime, she still lives with the officer who cuddled her in the car and enjoys his love and care.

“That video in the police car was heartwarming,” one online commenter said. “You’ve found the right people to talk to, pretty cat.”

It’s important to show your pet lots of love and attention, and cuddling is a perfect way to do that.

By Anna

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