This little dog has just finished having the best day of his life. When he was going through the worst part of his life, he didn’t believe he’d be in a position to take advantage of this chance, but he was. According to top13, after being on the streets for his whole life, he can’t believe he was finally given a bed after he got off the streets.

Ezra is his name, and he is an adorable puppy that wailed excessively when he was presented with the comfy bed that would be his from this point on. The satisfied grin that spread over his face was clear evidence of his happiness.

After being taken in by the Fairfield County Animal Shelter, he spent his time there after being found living on the streets. When he was removed from the street, his anxiety and worry were there for anyone to see. He was able to get over his anxiety and find a forever home with the assistance of the employees at the shelter. He accomplished this by using a very particular strategy.

“The hot dogs were the key to our successful relationship.” When we stopped at Ezra’s kennel, there was usually a supply of hot dogs available. According to Samira Yaghi, the shelter’s rescue coordinator, what started out with him tossing the hot dogs eventually developed into him accepting them gently from our hands. The Dodo was informed of this information by Yaghi.

His mindset shifted completely at that same moment. Ezra began to adjust to his new life at the shelter and started making preparations for when he would move on to a new residence. After being rescued for five months, he went for his first walk and began opening up to the idea of being loved.

Since that time, everything has been a struggle. According to Yaghi, if we get close to him, he jumps and is lively, ready to greet us and give us kisses.

When Ezra saw several dog beds that had been donated to the shelter, he fell head over heels in love with one of them at first sight. While they were out for one of their regular strolls, he decided to pass the time by dozing off on one of the mattresses. He fell in love with the bed and the way it made him feel when he was in it.

Because of his friendly grin, Ezra quickly gained a large following on social media. After a relatively quick trip, he has finally found a home in New York. Ezra is able to laugh more often now that he has a new family to call his own. He won’t have to go on devoid of love for much longer.

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