These felines are partial to a certain member of the household’s human population. That in no way implies that they have a hostile attitude toward other people. They are gorgeous cats who are sociable and would seldom harm you unless they are unhappy or upset, but if you are looking for the ideal companion, I would recommend getting one of these cats.

We wanted to do what was best for Pheobe and needed to say our goodbyes, but unfortunately, we were unable to save her from her gastrointestinal problems and she passed away a few months ago. Every day, I miss her and think about how much I miss talking to her. I still think these kitties are worth getting; even when they are gone, they will live on in your heart.

Because of their easygoing demeanor and silky coats, British Blues have always been my first choice when it comes to choosing a companion cat breed. Ruby was the name of the one I used to have, but she passed away in 2013 when she was 11 years old, and I miss her so much it hurts! Your pet cat is lovely!

By Elen

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